Earn Extra Money Doing Spring Lawn Care


Seasonal chores like raking leaves, shovelling snow or lawn care offer the perfect opportunity to earn money fast. Lots of people dislike these seasonal chores. They also don’t normally look for these services year round. But during key periods they’re in desperate need and are willing to pay for some help. Spring lawn care is no exception and it provides an opportunity to earn money if you’re in need of it asap.

Spring Lawn Care:

The winter can be rough and lawns and trees can take a beating. Strong winds, snow and ice have been beating down all winter. Not only that but plows and other snow removal equipment have probably carved out huge patches of lawn. As the snow melts all these ugly scraps & scratches are revealed.

Best Time For Spring Lawn Care:

The peak time for doing spring lawn care is in March, April and early May. The peak is around the early to mid-April period so make sure to get out there early.

Spring Lawn Care Tips:

I’m no expert when it comes to lawn care but here are a few of the things that are particularly important to address when it comes to spring lawn care.

  • Reseed/overseed areas that are bare or brown
  • Repair any scrapes from snow removal equipment
  • Pick up broken branches and other debris
  • Dethatch/rake lawn to eliminate any matted areas
  • Apply a spring fertilizer
  • Apply a preemergent herbicide (make sure to buy one that doesn’t affect your grass seed)

Finding Opportunities:

There are a few methods that you can use to find seasonal work like spring lawn care. Try a few of these methods at the same time to see which gives the best result.

  • Flyers – Hang flyers in local areas like community centers, libraries, grocery stores etc
  • Direct mail – Don’t pay for direct mail, just print a few hundred flyers and deliver them in your neighbourhood. Aim to deliver at least 500+ flyers.
  • Door to door sales – Try going door to door, especially if you see a really rough looking lawn.
  • Word of mouth – Tell your friends and neighbours to spread the word.

Spring Lawn Care Prices:

There are two routes you can go when charging for your services. There is the hourly rate and the fixed rate.

  • Hourly Rate for Spring Lawn Care: $20-30/hr
  • Fixed Rate Spring Lawn Care: $150-$250

The nice thing about a fixed rate is that if you judge the amount of work properly your per hour wage can be much higher. Most people will balk at a high hourly wage but are completely willing to pay a fixed price. For example, an hourly rate of $50/hr seems high, but paying $150 to clean up a lawn, fill divots and remove broken branches might seem like a good deal. If you can get that work done in ~3 hrs then you’ve been able to significantly increase your hourly wage from the typical $20-30/hr.

Earn Extra Money Doing Spring Lawn Care:

Doing some spring lawn care on the side can be a great way to earn some extra money. You don’t require any special skills just a little bit of hard work and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Have fun!


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