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Most of us have a bunch of old electronics around the house. Usually these electronics are still in great working order but have been replaced with newer devices. These old electronics have little value to us but can still fetch a good price if sold. So what old electronics should you sell?

What Electronics Should You Sell?

  • Sell old laptops
  • Sell old phones (Old iphones and android phones can still be worth hundreds!)
  • Sell old computers
  • Sell old cameras
  • Sell old TVs (These are harder to move since new versions are very inexpensive)
  • Even sell broken electronics

Go look around. I bet you’ll find a few old electronic items that could quickly be sold, maybe an old iPhone or Android, perhaps an old laptop or desktop computer. No matter what you might find these items are essentially money in the bank, all you have to do is sell these items for some cold hard cash.

Where To Sell Old Electronics:

Traditional Classified Ads:

Classified ads like Craigslist or the local paper are the traditional place to sell old electronics. In large markets it can be easy to post an item and sell it within the same day or week.

Tips For Using Craigslist:

  • Add a few pictures
  • Provide an accurate description (including wear or chips/cracks)
  • Don’t respond to “spammy” inquiries
  • Only accept cash (no checks or money orders)
  • Small bills are preferable
  • Meet in person, don’t ship anything
  • Conduct the transaction in a public place
  • Consider doing the transaction at a bank where the funds can be deposited immediately while the buyer waits (and can be also be checked for counterfeits)
  • Bring a friend if the transaction is sizable
  • Be prepared to walk away if anything seems “off”
  • Copy or photograph the serial number of the device

Online Trade-In Sites:

A new option is to trade-in your old electronics online. These companies will give you a quote for old electronics depending on the model and condition. Then you just ship them your goods for inspection and payment. It can make for an easy and hassle free way to get cash for your old electronics.

Some Online Trade-In Sites:

Try a few sites to see which are offering the best price for your electronics. Don’t forget to checkout user reviews for these sites or their ratings with the Better Business Bureau. A slightly lower price might be worth it if you can get paid faster or avoid unnecessary hassle.

Online Marketplaces:

Another option is to sell your old electronics through an online marketplace like eBay or iOffer however these online marketplaces are filled with scam artists looking for high priced electronics. Online marketplaces only make sense for unique electronics with a limited following. Most mainstream electronics are easily sold through Craigslist.


General Tips For Selling Old Electronics:

  • Backup any important data
  • Wipe or format the device to remove all personal info
  • Research prices using online market places or trade-in sites, don’t sell too low


Photo by Marcin Wichary via Flickr


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