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Did you know that you can sell your tweets? That little short message can make you big money. Businesses will pay you $10s, $100s or even $1000s to send out a short message to your followers. If you have a large following or are influential in a certain niche you could be making some quick money. And all in just 140 characters or less.

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What Is Twitter?

Twitter is massive! There are almost 190 million unique visitors to each month. They have around 115 million users who are actively using the service monthly. These users send out an average of 58 million tweets per day*.

With stats like this you can understand why advertisers are drooling over the chance to reach all these potential customers. You can also see why these advertisers will pay you to reach your followers. This is especially true for certain users who either have a lot of influence or have a very niche following. These users can charge top dollar for their sponsored tweets. But even the average joe can get in on the action with sponsored tweets going for just a few bucks each.

Make Money With Twitter Sponsored Tweets:

Sponsored tweets are tweets that are sent on behalf of a sponsor. The sponsor pays you to send a short advertisement to your followers.

Who makes the most money selling sponsored tweets on twitter? From what I can see it’s Paris Hilton who makes $4,600 per tweet. For $4,600 a business will reach an estimated 12.5M of Paris Hilton’s followers. These twitter blasts come with the “cool” factor that some advertisers are desperate for.


What can an average person expect to get for selling their sponsored tweets? On Paid Per Tweet users who have 1,000-10,000 followers can expect to make $5-20 per tweet. Users with 100,000+ followers are charging anywhere from $100-$250 for their tweets. But results may vary. For unique and niche groups these rates could be much higher. The only way to know how much money you can make with twitter sponsored tweets is to sign up and try it out.

Where To Sell Twitter Sponsored Tweets:

For a fun look at what sponsored tweets can bring for the average use you should check out this Gawker article. Their writer made $70 in one day by selling twitter sponsored tweets on now the defunct site Pay4Tweets.

With twitter growing at such a fast pace you can bet this type of twitter advertising will become more and more common. Sponsored tweets are becoming a lucrative source of money for many of its users and it could be for you too.


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Photo by Alejandro Pinto via Flickr

*Twitter statistics from StatisticBrain


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