Earn Money With Paid Focus Groups


Have you ever bought a computer? Gone on a vacation? Eaten cereal? Have you ever bought anything or used a service at some point in your life? Then great news! Companies will pay you to share your opinions about these products and services through paid focus groups.

Paid focus groups are a fun and easy way to earn money fast. You just need to provide your opinion on a product or service and these companies will compensate you handsomely for it.

What Is A Focus Group:

A focus group is a discussion about a particular product or service. The group consists of 6-10 consumers and 1-2 researchers who moderate the discussion. You provide your opinion on these products or services for about 1-2 hours at which point you’re done! Compensation runs anywhere from $50-$200 depending on the topic and length of time. It’s a pretty easy way to earn money fast.

Focus Group Questions:

The topics covered in a focus group can range from cereal to real estate to banking services. You might try a new food, drink a new beverage, use a new product and then be asked about it. The questions are meant to create discussion about a particular topic so don’t be shy. Researches like people who speak their mind freely and contribute to the discussion in a positive way.

Register For Paid Focus Groups:

Before you can get paid for your opinions you need to register and provide some personal information. This personal information will help you qualify for various paid focus groups. Every market research company maintains a database or “panel” of possible focus group participants. It’s advisable to register with more than one market research company to improve your chances of being selected for a paid focus group.

Once registered you’ll start to be considered for future paid focus groups. Whether or not you’re selected for a focus group depends on your personal information and how it matches with the research study being conducted. If you fit the requirements you’ll probably be asked a few additional screening questions before finally being invited to join the focus group.


Tips For Joining Paid Focus Groups:

  • Check company reviews before signing up
  • Never pay to join a focus group
  • Sign up for as many panels as possible
  • Ask about higher paying focus groups
  • Dress appropriately and speak clearly
  • Be an activate participant in the discussion
  • Be honest and provide valuable feedback/opinions

Find Paid Focus Groups:

There are many companies that run paid focus groups. You can search locally but there are also some national/international companies that are always looking for new participants. These companies have offices in many urban centers across the country. You’ll find a few of these companies below:

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