10 Ideas If You Need Money Today


Ok. So you need money asap. You need money now. You need money today! What options do you have?!? All out of ideas? Well we have a bunch of ideas for you to get some quick cash.

First of all, don’t take a payday loan and don’t take a cash advance. They’re evil and they’re only options of last resort. Make sure you try some of these ideas before you go that route.

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Ideas If You Need Money Today:

Sell Items On Craigslist: If you live in a large city or town then selling items on Craigslist is easy. There are lots of people searching for items every day and this can lead to some quick sales. Check your house/apartment for unused items that you could sell quickly.

Donate Blood For Money: Donating blood for money is easy to do and you’ll get paid the same day. The first appointment will take anywhere from 2-3hrs but after that you can donate up to twice per week and it will only take ~1hr. At $25-$50 per donation this is perfect if you need money today. Find one of 482 places to donate blood for money.

Seasonal Chores: Whether its spring, summer, fall or winter there are always some seasonal chores that homeowners need help with. Walk around your neighbourhood and go door-to-door offering your services on the spot. This works especially well when you can see long grass, large piles of leaves or snow that need to be cleaned/cut.


Baby Sitting: It can be easy to make money babysitting. Reach out to your network and see if anyone needs a babysitter for the night. Try posting on Facebook/Twitter to see if anyone is in need of some help.

Payday Loan Alternatives: Check out this list of payday loan alternatives . Try things like getting a personal loan from a credit union or bank.

Sell Those Gift Cards: Do you have any gift cards laying around? Apparently there is $41 billion in unclaimed gift cards out there. Take a look around your home. Then sell these gift cards for cash on Craigslist. If you’re feeling bold you could also go to the store and ask customers if they would like to buy the gift card on the spot for 80-90% of the value.

Employer Cash Advance: Ask your employer if they would mind giving you a cash advance on your next paycheck. This amount would then get deducted off your next pay.

Busking For Money: If you can play an instrument or have a fun talent then try busking for money. Buskers can make $100+ in just a few hours with the right location. Read our recent post for more info on how to busk for money.

Freelance Delivery Service: Do you have a truck or trailer? Try advertising your services on Craigslist where people are already buying/selling large items. There are plenty of people who will pay $20-$50 to have someone move their purchases.

Ask Friends/Family: Probably a last resort for many people but a personal loan from friends or family could be an option if you need money today. If you want to make it more formal then use a loan agreement to specify the amount and date of repayment. These templates can be found online or you can create your own.

Bonus: Visit our “I need money now” ideas page for even more ideas if you need money today.

If you need money today then hopefully you can use a few of these ideas.

Good luck!


– Going forward there will be a full list of ideas that you can find on the “I need money now” ideas page. Check it out for more ideas if you need money.


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