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Lots of people are looking for ways to earn money online fast. But it can be hard to separate the scam sites from the legitimate ones. There’s nothing more frustrating than putting in a bunch of effort only to learn you’ll never get paid because the site is a scam. If you want to earn money online fast then I’ve got a great site for you that pays between $8-$10 per hour and will pay out after just $1 in earnings.

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Earn Money Online Fast: Clickworker Review

Clickworker is a company based in Germany that will pay you to do small online tasks. The tasks vary from writing product evaluations, to evaluating search engine results to plain old data entry.

Clickworker pays in the $8-$10 per hour range for the typical worker. They claim the average pay is $9/hr and there is plenty of worker feedback that confirms this is about right. The best part is that you’ll actually get paid by Clickworker! It’s not one of those scam sites which claim to have high hourly wages but never actually pay anything out.

With Clickworker you can get paid two different ways:

  • Bank account when earnings are above $10
  • PayPal account when earnings are above $1

So you can get paid after earning just $1! That makes Clickworker a great way to earn money online fast.


Clickworker Tasks:

A clickworker will do a variety of tasks like writing, translating, researching, and data processing.   The tasks you do will depend on your qualification assessments, previous work assessments, education, language abilities, and interests. Clickworker has a number of evaluation tools that will let you prove what tasks you’re qualified for.

Clickworker Pay:

Clickworker says that their target average pay is $9/hr. But with practice and focus you’ll be able to make $10/hr or more. The site pays as you complete each “micro job” but the results of the job must first be approved by their customer. Approval can happen in a few hours, a few days or sometimes a few weeks. If you sign up for payments through PayPal then you can receive payment after hitting just $1 in earnings. PayPal payments are made between Wednesday and Friday each week. So after only a few minutes of work you could start getting paid by Clickworker.

Getting Clickworker Tasks:

The key to getting Clickworker tasks is to do the qualification exercises and achieve the required scores. The more qualifications you complete the more Clickworker tasks will be placed into your queue. These qualifications are split into two types. One type is “base assessments” which qualifies you for future projects. The other type is “project assessments” which are required to participate in a given project. It’s important to score well on both types of assessments to ensure you get lots of Clickworker tasks in you queue.

Clickworker Review:

Clickworker is a great way to earn money online fast. With the weekly payouts to PayPal and the high hourly rate this is a site that delivers on its promise. If you want to earn money online fast then we encourage you to give Clickworker a try.


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