How To Sell Items On Craigslist Fast


Need money asap? You should consider selling some of your stuff on Craigslist. Everyone has some stuff lying around that they no longer need. Turn that old stuff into new cash by selling it on Craigslist. Before we had our firstborn we cleared out a bunch of old stuff and raised $550 in only a week! Here how to sell items on Craigslist fast.

How To Sell Items On Craigslist Fast:

Post A Nice Picture:

Ads without a picture don’t get much attention. But just any old picture won’t do either. Make sure to take a nice picture in natural light. Post a few pictures if possible that show close up areas of the item.

Posting a picture of the device on/working will also help prove that the item is in good working order. This can help turn browsers into buyers.

Avoid Spam: Setup A Separate Email For Craigslist

If you’re posting on Craigslist you can expect to get some spam emails. To avoid getting spam to your primary email address you should consider setting up an email address just for Craigslist. Doing this with Gmail is easy to do and will save you the hassle of getting all that spam later on.

For A Fast Sale Include Your Phone Number:

Email is fast but texting is even faster. If you want to sell items on Craigslist fast you need to include you cell phone number. To help avoid getting spam to your phone consider writing part of your number in text. Example, lets say your number is 111-234-5678, you could write it like this:

Example 1: 111 – two three four – 5678 Example 2: 111 – 234 – 56 seven eight


Writing your number like this will help you avoid spammy text messages but will allow people to text you quickly to arrange a sale.

Include Your First Name:

To sell items on Craigslist fast you need to get potential buyers to contact you quickly. People will feel more comfortable texting and emailing you if they can use your first name.

Create Urgency: Set A Deadline In Your Ad

To make sure you only attract serious buyers consider putting a deadline in your ad. The best deadlines are 3-4 days away. Anything closer and you’ll just get a bunch of hagglers. By setting a deadline you’ll also create a sense of urgency. Potential buyers will know that they only have a limited time to buy so they better act fast.

Include Relevant Keywords:

Make you ad easy to find by including relevant keywords in both the title and the post. Search for the item you’re selling and see what the common terms are that people use. Put all of these terms in your ad to ensure it can be found by everyone looking for that item regardless of what they search for.

Price Things Appropriately:

Check current Craigslist ads to see what your item is selling for. Make sure to price it appropriately. Consider checking other websites like eBay to get an idea of what your item is worth.

Be Upfront About Damaged Areas:

If your item is damaged you should be upfront about it. Describe the damage in the post. Include a picture of the damaged area to let buyers know exactly how bad it is. By being upfront about damages you create trust with the potential buyers.

If you need money asap then hopefully with these tips you’ll be able to sell your stuff on Craigslist fast. Good luck!   Photo by ubrayj02 via Flickr

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