482 Places To Donate Plasma For Money


Donate Plasma For Money

Donate Plasma For Money:

If you need money then donating plasma is the perfect way to get some quick cash. When you donate plasma for money you’re not only helping yourself  you’re also helping someone else too. Plasma donations are used to create life saving treatments around the world.

You can make up to $25-$50 per donation and you can donate up to twice per week. That’s $2,500 to $5,000 per year!

482 Places To Donate Plasma For Money:

Below we’ve compiled a list of almost 500 places across the country where you can donate plasma for money. There are a number of different companies that will pay you to donate. We suggest that you call them to get details and to book an appointment.

For more info, tips and tricks on how to donate plasma for money please visit our Donate Blood For Money post. We provide some good tips on how to make donating plasma for money very easy.

Donate Plasma For Money By State:

Click on the map or the text links below to find out where to donate plasma for money by state…



Photo by Charleston’s TheDigitel via Flickr

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