Donate Eggs For Money & Make Over $60,000


Donate Eggs For MoneyDecide to donate eggs for money and you could make motherhood possible for one lucky family. On top of giving this incredible gift you could also receive some very generous compensation.  Complete a few donation cycles and you could receive over $60,000 for the time and effort it takes to donate. If you choose to donate eggs for money you could receive anywhere from $7,500-$10,000 (or more!) per donation up to a maximum number of donations (usually 4-6). While the compensation is very high there is also a lot to consider before deciding to go forward with egg donation.

How To Donate Eggs:

This is a quick summary of the process if you choose to donate. There are quite a few steps and quite a few doctors visits required. This is part of the reason why the compensation is so high. The details of each step will be further explained by the fertility clinic you choose. Many clinics will compensate you for reaching various steps in the process. Make sure to enquire about this compensation as it can vary from clinic to clinic. Average amounts are included in brackets below. They are general figures and therefore could vary but it will give you a good idea of what level of compensation to expect.

Step 1: Online Application

Complete an online application to donate eggs for money with a clinic of your choice.

Step 2: Pre-Screening

Take a blood test and ultrasound ($25-$50)


Step 3: Full Screening (Fertility, Medical, Genetic)

Complete the full donor eligibility testing, including interviews and additional medial examinations ($250-$1,000)

Step 4: Donation

Complete your first egg donation. This process takes about 2-3 weeks and requires about 6-8 doctor visits. Hormones to stimulate egg production are self administered via injection during this time. The donation itself only takes a few minutes. ($5,000-$10,000)

Step 5: Subsequent Donations

Complete a second (or more) egg donation. This can be done 4-6 times. ($7,500-$10,000)

Typically when you donate eggs for money the first donation will receive a slightly lower amount in compensation. Subsequent donations will usually receive higher amounts. It takes a lot of work to reach the donation phase so they encourage repeat donations up to a certain maximum.

Where Can You Donate Eggs For Money?

There are a number of clinics across the country that will allow you to donate eggs for money. You should choose a clinic that it close to you. One egg donation cycle could require anywhere from 10-12 visits to the clinic so being close to the clinic will make donation easier.

Remember to check into any clinic you may choose to work with. Check online reviews from past donors and with the Better Business Bureau for any reported issues.

How Much Can You Make If You Donate Eggs For Money?

If you choose to donate eggs for money you could be generously compensated. In addition to giving the gift of motherhood you could be financially compensated for your effort. The financial compensation varies but is anywhere from…

  • First Egg Donation: $5,000-$10,000
  • Second (and subsequent) Egg Donations: $7,500-$10,000

Egg donations are usually limited to a certain number. This number varies by clinic but ranges from 4 to 6 donations. At $10,000 per donation you could make up to $60,000 if you choose do donate eggs for money!

Criteria For Egg Donation:

There are certain criteria that fertility clinics require you to meet before you’re able to donate eggs for money. These criteria are a general guide and are necessary for the initial blood work and ultrasound. The full donor testing will include more specific criteria that the clinic will evaluate before you’re able to donate eggs for money.

  • Age 21-31
  • In good general health
  • Fall within the normal weight range
  • Have a healthy lifestyle and physique
  • No smoking or drug use
  • No sexually transmitted infections
  • College education (Masters/PhD education preferred)
  • No family history of genetic abnormalities
  • Live within 1hr of a donation center

Donate Eggs For Money:

Hopefully now you know a little bit more about how to donate eggs for money. It can be a very rewarding process and isn’t as difficult as many assume. Although the criteria and screening process are very stringent the compensation for completing a donation can be substantial. If you donate eggs for money multiple times you could stand to receive some significant compensation!

Good luck!


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