Happy Holidays! Top Posts From 2014


Happy Holidays! Top Posts From 2014 - Flickr - Photos from SkiStar v3 SmallHappy holidays everyone! I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday with their friends and family.

For my wife and me this is the first Christmas with our daughter so we’re extra excited for all the festivities, the food and of course the presents. We had a good year this year. This site also did well in 2014. We’ve had a lot of success with a few posts in particular so I thought it might be fun to share the top 14 posts of 2014.

If you haven’t read some of these then I encourage you to check them out and share them with your friends.

Have a great holiday! See you in 2015.

The Top 14 Posts Of 2014:

#1 – Donate Blood For Money – 32,993 views

Need money asap? Then why not donate blood for money? Typical rates are between $25 and $50 per donation and you can donate up to twice per week.


#2 – 29 “I Need Money Now” Ideas – 27,136 views

I Need Money Now Ideas: A ton of ideas for those who need money now, make $5k/yr donating blood, get help paying bills, how to earn money online etc. etc.

#3 – 10 Ideas If Your Need Money Today – 13,202 views

Ok. So you need money asap. You need money fast. You need money today! What options do you have? Here are 10 ideas if you need money today…

#4 – Help Paying Bills – 12,687 views

Who couldn’t use some help paying bills? Some months it can be hard to make ends meet. If you need help paying bills then there are a few options available.

#5 – 482 Places To Donate Plasma For Money – 9,550 views

If you need money then donating plasma for money is a quick way to get some cash, up +$5k per year! Here are 482 places to donate plasma for money.

#6 – Organizations That Help With Rent – 5,188 views

So you need money asap because you’re behind on rent? Well good news! Here is a list of 10 organizations that help with rent.

#7 – Become A Virtual Assistant – 3,771 views

Would you like to become a virtual assistant? If you need money and want to work from home then becoming a virtual assistant might be the perfect choice…

#8 – Free Money From i need money ASAP! – 2,777 views

For as long as we can we’re going to help one of our readers each month by giving them $50 for free! We’re going to randomly choose one e-mail address from our Feedburner e-mail list each month and send that person $50. It’s that simple. Sign up now.

#9 – Alternatives To Payday Loans – 2,421 views

With interest rates that are sky high payday loans only create more problems than they solve. Here are a few alternatives to payday loans to consider…

#10 – Where To Find Fast Cash – 2,369 views

You’re thinking “I need money fast” so what do you do? Well we have a couple of options for you to consider.

#11 – Earn Money Online Fast With Clickworker – 2,312 views

If you want to earn money online fast then I’ve got a great site for you that pays between $8-$10 per hour and will pay out after just $1 in earnings.

#12 – 37 Easy Small Business Ideas – 2,238 views

If you need money then the solution might be to start a small business. These easy small business ideas could bring in anywhere from $10-$1000+ per month!

#13 – Earn Money With Paid Focus Groups – 2,177 views

Have you ever bought a computer? Gone on a vacation? Companies will pay you to share your opinions about these products/services through paid focus groups.

#14 – Need Money Fast? Try Swagbucks! – 2,097 views

If you need money fast then you need to give Swagbucks a try. They even have a $5 sign up bonus! If you need money fast then Swagbucks is perfect.


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