“I Need A Job ASAP!” – 10 Tips To Find Work Fast


“I Need A Job ASAP!” – 10 Tips To Find Work Fast

“I Need A Job ASAP!” - 10 Tips To Find Work FastDo you need money? Are you out of work? Are you struggling to make ends meet? You’re probably thinking “I need a job asap!”. There are lots of different types of jobs out there. You just need to find one that’s right for you.

Being out of work can be difficult. Not only financially but also emotionally. When looking for a job it’s critical to stay motivated. A positive attitude is going to come across in interviews and even your resume/cover letter.

I’ve put together some tips to help you stay motivated and get back into the work force. Here are 10 tips to find work fast from i need money ASAP!

10 “I Need A Job ASAP!” Tips:

Network: Reach out to your network to see if they know of any vacancies. Talk to friends and family. Most job openings aren’t actually advertised. This means that leveraging your network is the best way to find a job quickly. Use Facebook or LinkedIn to reach out quickly but also go out and meet people in person.

Consider Moving: Moving to an area with low unemployment could make finding a job much easier. Before moving across the country try applying online and offer to do interviews via Skype. Check out the unemployment rate by state, or the unemployment rate by metropolitan area.

Look Online: There are plenty of opportunities to find work online. From being a virtual assistant to freelance writing. If you have certain skills then you should be able to find work online through sites like oDesk. This can help provide income while you look for something more permanent.


Visit Companies: Sometimes all it takes is getting your foot in the door, literally. Is there a company you’d like to work for? Have you applied but never gotten a call back? Try visiting them in person. Ask to speak with the person in charge of hiring. Be prepared with a 60 second elevator pitch as to why they should hire you. No luck? Go back the week after until they hire you. Don’t give up.

Follow-up: Follow-up after an interview, even if just to say thank you for the opportunity. Don’t forget to thank those in your network who were able to help find interviews for you. This positive feedback will ensure they notify you of opportunities in the future.

Temp Work: Sign up with a temp agency and start looking for temp work. Temp work could always lead to full time employment. For more information on how to find a temp job as well as a list of temp agencies then check out our post on How To Find A Temp Job.

Create A Job: Why not start working for yourself? Do you have a skill or talent that you could sell? If so then why not find your own customers and start working for yourself? Working for yourself provides flexibility and independence.

Be Focused: Finding a job quickly will require focus and effort. Redoing your resume, writing cover letters, applying for jobs and following up will all take a significant amount of time. Try to spend at least 3-4hrs per day focused on finding a job and building your network.

Be Prepared: Have all the necessary documents ready to go. This includes references, criminal record, driving record and background check. This will help reduce the time between the interview and getting paid.

Try Volunteering: Volunteering while in-between jobs helps to avoid any gaps in your resume. It also shows recruiters that you’re a hard working individual. That you’re a team player who can work for the greater good. Find volunteer work related to your expertise to keep your skills sharp. Don’t forget that volunteering is a great opportunity to network. There are usually fundraising events that involve corporate and individual donors. This provides a great opportunity to expand your network.

Bonus Tip!

Get Educated: If you’ve been out of work for a while then maybe going back to school is the answer. It doesn’t need to be a full certificate/degree it could be just a course or two. Sometimes there are skills gaps that need to be closed before you can find work. But even staying active/involved/busy while out of work is a good sign to a future employer. It shows that you’re willing to learn and put in the extra effort. This can help you land a job offer faster.

If you were thinking “I need a job asap” I hope that these tips will help you in your job search. If you have any other tips to add please make a comment below.

Good luck!


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