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Make Money Freelance WritingFreelancing can be a very rewarding source of income. You can make money freelance writing from just about anywhere, at home, in the coffee shop or at the park. If you have a talent for writing then freelance writing might be for you. It can be a full time job or just some extra side income, it all depends on how much time you put in.

To make money freelance writing you’ll need to put in some effort in the beginning. You’ll need to establish your writing skills and your brand. It’s all about the numbers, the more publishers you contact and pitch, the more money you can make.

Here’s how to make money freelance writing…

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Create A Portfolio:

Ideally you include previously published works, either online or in print. If you don’t have any previously published works then consider attaching some examples to your emails. You should also consider doing some free “guest posts” to build a base of work. Include testimonials from previous clients if you can.

Create A Brand:

By creating a brand around your writing you’ll set yourself apart from other freelancer writers. It makes you look more professional. It’s easy to start your own blog/website to showcase your work and create your brand.


Using HostGatorBlueHost or GoDaddy you can buy your own domain name and setup a WordPress site for as little as $4/month. This provides a great venue to showcase your writing skills and connect with other publishers. Include a “Hire Me” page so that other publishers can request your services.

Choose A Niche:

Its going to be easier to make money freelance writing if you’re able to demonstrate that you’re an expert in a given area. Whether that be sports or business or personal finance, as long as you can convey an expert opinion then clients will be willing to pay you for your work. Your niche and your brand need to mesh well.

Start Small:

You’re not going to get freelance writing gigs from MSN or Yahoo right away. Start by focusing on smaller sites and bloggers. Many sites use freelance writers to help them create content. Even small sites will pay $20-$50 per article. Getting these small gigs will help you hone your writing skills and build a portfolio.


It’s much easier to make money freelance writing if you’re able to build a network of publishers that know your brand and your work. By reaching out to other bloggers or sites through comments and emails you’ll be able to get your name out there.

Look for sites within your niche that have multiple authors. This is usually a good indication that they employ freelance writers. The best way to introduce yourself to a new site is to start by leaving a few insightful and well written comments. Follow this up with a direct email outlining your services and past work.

Finding Jobs:

  • Pitching: One of the main ways to find clients is to pitch them your work. When you start you should reach out to at least 5-10 prospective clients each day.
  • ProBlogger: Described as the job board for bloggers this site has lots of freelance writing opportunities.
  • oDesk or Elance: Millions of businesses use oDesk and Elance to hire virtual assistants for a variety of work including freelance writing.

Make Money Freelance Writing:

Freelance writing can be quite lucrative. If you land a gig at a large site you can get paid really well. You could also receive free products that companies want you to review and endorse on the site. If you’re a decent writer and are able to network well then you can easily make money freelance writing.

Good luck!


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