Make Money From Home And Quit Your Day Job


Make Money From Home And Quit Your Day JobImagine what it would be like to quit your day job and work from home?!?!

No more bosses. No more commute. Wake up when you want. Go to bed when you want. Basically set your own schedule. This is my dream! And I don’t think I’m alone. There are lots of people out there who would like to make money from home and quit their day job. But how do you make this happen?!?

There are tons of different ways to make money from home. Freelancing, blogging, small business etc etc. These people don’t have traditional jobs, they just make money from home. It could be online or it could be a more traditional income source.

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My Goal Is To Quit My Day Job:

My goal is to make enough money from home so that I can quit my day job!

My estimate is that I need to earn $3,000 per month to make this happen. It also needs to be stable income. I’ve got a wife and a little girl to take care of. So my goal is to make $3,000 a month for 12 months in a row. Once I can make that much money from home on a monthly basis then I’m going to walk in to work and quit!!!


How I’m Going To Make Money From Home:

This is my plan to make money from home. Have you tried any of these ways to make money? How did they work? Did you find that some methods worked better than others? Let me know what you think! Do you have any more ideas? Let me know if I’m missing any easy ways to make money from home by adding a comment below.


This is an obvious one given you’re reading this on my site But there are a ton of bloggers out there and most don’t make a penny. Blogging is tough work so I’m going to focus on the finance niche. More specifically I’m going to try to help people who need money. This seems to be an under-served niche. It’s also a topic I have a lot of personal experience with. Its been a year now. I started last December and its been growing pretty steadily since then. It’s grown to the point where I’m now making some decent money from this site.


That’s right! Carpentry! This is a hobby of mine and I usually just sell off whatever I make. I can make up to a few hundred a month. But to make something good enough for other people to buy takes a lot of time. If I’m going to make money from home doing carpentry I’ll have to dedicate more time to it. This might be easier to do once I’ve actually quit my day job.

Small Business:

On top of my carpentry I’d like to start a small business. Something that isn’t online but still making money from home. Becoming a certified financial planner has crossed my mind. This would require taking some additional classes but it seems doable. Then I could offer financial planning services from my home or visit clients in their homes.


Freelance writing is a great way to make money from home. But freelance writing isn’t the only option. I’ve been looking into the different types of freelancers out there and there are so many options. From programmers to SEO experts, there’s a freelancer for everything.


Writing an eBook is something I’d like to give it a try but don’t have a good topic yet. There are lots of mediocre eBooks out there and I don’t want to write one of those.


The Swagbucks site has been working well for me. Over time I’ve been able to cash out a decent amount of money in gift cards. These are mostly Amazon gift cards which I use for gifts or for my own personal use.


It’s a decent way to make a few bucks from home but because there are so many Clickworkers it can be hard to find good projects to work on. I’ve been able to make a few bucks a month with Clickworker but it’s not a major source of income.

Make Money From Home:

So that’s my plan to make money from home and hopefully quit my day job! Every month I’ll do an update on the site. It’ll be my way of holding my self accountable. Hopefully you’ll follow along!



Do you make money from home? What do you think of my plan?!? Do you have any advice for me? Please make a comment below and let me know what you think.


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