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Make More Money Cleaning HousesNeed money? Want to make more money? Cleaning houses is an easy way to make more money. Cleaning houses is great source of extra cash because the hourly rate is $20-$30 per hour, you don’t need extra training and you can basically set your own schedule. This makes it a great side gig if you need to make more money.

Here’s what you need to know if you want to make more money cleaning houses on the side…

Customer Needs:

Any good business owner need to know exactly what their customer needs are. Business owners strive to fill that customer need with their goods or services. In this case cleaning homes can fill many different needs. It’s good to think about the need that you’re filling because that will help guide your sales pitch and advertising.

Potential Customer Needs:

  • Young professionals – Short on time (or prefer not to spend their time cleaning). They need help every other week with basic cleaning.
  • Young families – Busy schedules and hectic home life means a periodic visit from a cleaning service is a godsend.
  • Wealthy seniors – Have extra disposable income and don’t mind trading some of their money for extra free time.
  • Spring Cleaning – Even those who don’t normally get a cleaning service might want/need some help with spring cleaning. Doing odd stuff like fridges, cabinets, shelving etc.
  • Deep Cleaning – Doing a deep clean can be a real chore. Hiring a service might be preferable for some people.

Cleaning Services:

Having a list of cleaning services will help you explain what you do for potential customers. This will also help you upsell existing customers into getting extra services.

If you use eco friendly cleaning products this is also a type of service. This could be a selling feature for your services or an extra service of its own that people pay extra for.


Cleaning Services To Offer:

  • Sweep & mop floors
  • Vacuum carpets
  • Clean windows (inside or inside+outside)
  • Scrub sink, toilet, tub
  • Dusting
  • Fridge & freezer cleaning
  • Hardwood floor
  • Bathroom grout
  • Microwave/oven deep clean
  • Spring/fall clean


One of the best things about cleaning houses is that the startup costs are minimal. There are only a few pieces of equipment you need to start cleaning houses.

  1. Transportation to get to/from houses = $0 (assuming you have a car already)
  2. Advertising via postcard type flyers = $30-$40
  3. Cleaners: like window, toilet bowl, all purpose & wood cleaner = $30-$40
  4. Equipment like broom, squeegee, mop, extendable duster etc = $50-$60
  5. Supply caddy = $20-$30

Total = $130-$170

Advertising Your New Cleaning Business:

Advertising for a new cleaning business should be kept relatively low budget. Since you want to make more money asap you don’t necessarily want to spend a lot on advertising. Here are a few low cost solutions to get the word out…

Flyers: Those small postcard sized flyers are extremely cheap to produce. A few hundred flyers should only cost $30-$40. You might even be able to find better prices online. Use these flyers a few ways.

  • Deliver door to door in your neighbourhood
  • Post at local library
  • Post in the local rec centre
  • Post in local coffee shops

Facebook: This is a very cost effective way to get the word out. Use your Facebook friends to help find new cleaning gigs. Most jobs are found through networking so use your Facebook network. Create a shareable image with your details and ask your friends to share it.

Referrals: Facebook isn’t the only way to use your network. Simply asking family and friends for referrals is a great way to find new business.

Post on Classifieds: Use local and online classifieds like Craigslist to advertise your cleaning business. Just exercise caution when meeting potential clients you find this way.

Testimonials: Get a great testimonial from an existing customer. This will help a lot when meeting new clients. This is a great piece of advertising that can seal the deal with a new customer. Always ask your customers to write a short testimonial.

Website: These days setting up a website is quite easy. Using a free template from WordPress and a hosting service like HostGatorBlueHost or GoDaddy you can have a website up and running in a couple of hours for only $3-4/month. This is a great place to put contact info and testimonials (This site is hosted with BlueHost).

Make More Money By Cleaning Homes:

Whether or not you need to make more money or you just want a bit of extra side income, cleaning houses offers a great hourly rate and a flexible schedule. Even a few hours a week can add $400+ a month in extra income. This can be used to pay down debts, save for a big expense (like a trip) or just help make ends meet. Whatever the reason if you want to make more money then give cleaning houses a try and let us know how it goes.

Good luck!

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