Start A Website For Only $1/mo


Start A Website For Only $1

Start A Website For Only $1/mo

If there was ever a time to give blogging a try it’s now. GoDaddy has a promotion for $1 hosting plus a free domain! To put that in perspective up until recently I was on a shared hosting plan like this. Over that time I earned $4,452. If I was on a $1 hosting plan that would be a return of 49,466%!

If you’ve ever wanted start a website then this $1 hosting offer is the prefect opportunity.

Starting your own website is super easy. I knew absolutely nothing about websites or blogging before I got started. If you want to learn more about how to make money blogging then check out my earlier post.

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Benefits Of Starting A Website:

Running a website is a lot of fun. It’s really easy to start a website with GoDaddy and WordPress. But if you’re into the technical aspect there’s a lot you can “tweak” too.


Having a creative outlet is also a great benefit of owning a website. WordPress is very flexible with what you’re able to change to fit your unique style. It’s entirely customizable for your needs.

But probably the best part of starting a website is the community. You’re going to find a whole group of people out there with similar interests. It’s fun to interact with all these new people.

Lastly there’s the potential for profit! It’s only been a few months but I’ve been able to create a decent amount of monthly income from this little side project.

Start A Website Yourself!

Interested in starting a site of your very own? Then take advantage of this $1 hosting offer from GoDaddy. It won’t be around for long.

PS. If you do purchase this hosting plan from GoDaddy then shoot me an email at Thomas (at) ineedmoneyasap (dot) com. I’d love to help out a new blogger. I’ve gotten so much help from more experienced bloggers that I feel like its my responsibility to pay it forward.


1/ mo Hosting + Free domain! Stick it to the slow websites!


* This is an affiliate link & although ineedmoneyASAP! will receive a small commission that in no way has impacted my enthusiasm for this promotion. It is honestly a great deal and you should take advantage of it before it’s gone.


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