Earn Extra Money Doing Seasonal Chores


Earn Extra Money Doing Seasonal ChoresDoing seasonal chores for other people is an easy way to earn extra money. There are three main periods during the year where you could offer your services. In the spring/summer people are looking for help with their lawn care, mowing, gardening, trimming etc. During the fall raking leaves can be a huge pain and people are willing to pay handsomely for someone else to do the work. During the winter snow removal becomes priority number one. All these periods present an opportunity to earn extra money on the side doing seasonal chores for others.

Finding Opportunities:

There are a few methods that you can use to find seasonal work. Try a few of these methods at the same time to see which gives the best result.

  • Flyers – Hang flyers in local areas like community centers, libraries, grocery stores etc
  • Direct mail – Don’t pay for direct mail, just print a few hundred flyers and deliver them in your neighbourhood. Aim to deliver at least 300-500 flyers.
  • Door to door sales – Try going door to door, especially if you see a large amount of leaves, unkempt garden or unshoveled snow, these are prime customers
  • Word of mouth – Tell your friends and neighbours to spread the word
  • Facebook – Post your new side business to Facebook and ask your friends to share it with others

Snow Removal:

Snow removal customers are easy to spot. They’re the ones with huge piles of snow after everyone else has already cleared their driveways and sidewalks. Snow removal equipment can be pretty basic or advanced.

  • Basic: Shovel and salt for $20-$30
  • Intermediate: Snow blower for $200-$500
  • Advanced: Snow plow for $2000-$5000

There are some important things to consider when starting a snow removal business and number one is insurance. In this day and age it’s possible to get sued for anything. Slips and falls are an easy way to get a lawsuit. All snow removal companies would carry some sort of insurance to cover a slip/fall lawsuit. Getting into the snow removal business without this type of coverage is risky. As with any business, make sure to understand the risks before starting a snow removal business.

Lawn Care:

Lawn care is required on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Lawn care equipment can be pretty basic depending on what services you choose to offer. The basics would include a few hand tools like shovel, rake, hoe, and edger. As well as some basic hand tools a lawn mower and edge trimmer would also be required.

Lawn care prices depend on the services being offered but here is a rough guide for the typical rates being charged for lawn care. Of course you’ll need to vary the rates according to your local market.


Lawn Care Prices:

  • Weekly Mowing (including raking/edging): $25-$30/week for a 50ft x 100ft lot
  • Spring Clean Up: $150-$200
  • Fertilizer Application: $25-$30
  • Lawn Aeration: $200-$250

As you can see it can be very profitable to get into lawn care. Just make sure to have some good lawn care equipment to make the jobs easy and quick.

Raking Leaves:

Many people are willing to pay for a fall clean up. This usually entails raking the leaves and cleaning up any branches/twigs that have fallen. Raking leaves can be easy however there is some equipment that can make it much easier.

  • Basic: Metal rake and bags for $20-$30
  • Intermediate: Leaf blower for $180-$300
  • Advanced: Leaf vacuum for $500-$700

Rates for raking leaves depend on the size of the lot and the number of trees/leaves. For a small lot with only a few trees you can expect to charge ~$100 but for larger lots with lots of trees the prices can range anywhere from $200-$500. If the city comes to pick up leaves at the curb then most companies charge a bit less. But if bagging and removal are necessary then the price can increase slightly to accommodate the extra work.

Earn Extra Money Doing Seasonal Chores:

Doing seasonal chores is a great way to earn extra money. Even just a few customers can help bring in a couple hundred dollars each month in extra income. The work can be hard but start-up costs are minimal so it’s easy to start earning extra money fast!


Have you ever done any seasonal work? What was your experience?


Photo by Kevin Burkett via Flickr

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