Make Money Online Now With These 9 Websites


Make Money Online Now With These 9 WebsitesMake Money Online Now With These 9 Websites

You can make money online now with one these 9 websites below. They don’t require any special skills or experience so it’s really easy to start making money online. Unlike a blog or an e-store, these companies below will pay out much much sooner. You’ll be able to get some cash in your hands way faster.

Some of the sites below I visit quite often. Swagbucks and Clickworker are both sites that I use on a regular basis to make money online. Some of the other sites I’ve used in the past. The rest of the sites I heard about from other people.

These sites won’t make you rich. But they’re great for earning a bit of cash on the side. By using one or a few of the sites below you can reasonably make between $100-$300 a month in gift cards or paypal money. Some ‘expert’ users are able to make even more than this.

Check out the reviews below to get an idea of which site might work best for you.

1. Swagbucks

Make Money Online Now - Swagbucks - SmallWith Swagbucks you earn reward points called ‘Swagbucks’ (surprise surprise). These rewards can be traded in for gift cards like Amazon, Starbucks etc. You earn rewards by doing things you’re already doing online like searching, watching videos, playing games and buying stuff.

You can also get paid for answering surveys and redeeming “swagcodes”. On top of this if you refer a friend you’ll earn 10% of anything your friend earns.


There are a lot of tricks/tips for earning Swagbucks. Installing the search bar is one. Depending on how much you search you could average around 30 SB’s per day. Downloading the Swagbucks video apps like SBTV, EntertaiNow, and to watch video’s is another great way to earn ~100 SB’s per day.

Each SB is worth about ~$0.01 in gift cards so doing just the two tips above will earn you about 47,450 SBs per year, that’ $475! ($5 signup bonus if you use the link above)

2. Clickworker

Make Money Online Now - ClickworkerAnalyzing web pages is the bread and butter of Clickworker. Most jobs pay between $0.01 and $0.15. This may not seem like a lot but they are very quick to complete. With some work you should be able to complete enough jobs to earn anywhere from $5 – $20 an hour. Average usually runs around $10 when there is enough jobs.

Fill out your Clickworker Profile. Make sure to select English as a native language for both written and verbal. Next, click on “Assessments”, you will need to take the following tests. Do them all and take your time. Scoring poorly on the tests will eliminate you from many jobs.

  • Placement Test – English
  • Qualify for Address Project
  • Qualifications for UHRS I
  • Qualifications for UHRS II

3. GiftHulk

Make Money Online Now - GiftHulkGiftHulk is very similar to Swagbucks. If you join one you probably don’t need to join the other. GiftHulk will reward you for doing things like searching, watching video’s, playing games and taking surveys. Doing this will earn you HulkCoins which can then be traded in for some great gift cards.

One of the cool things about GiftHulk is that you can trade in your Hulk Coins for Bitcoins!

But if you just want regular gift cards then you can exchange 1 HulkCoin for $0.001 in gift cards. So 10,000 HulkCoins will get you a $10 gift card to Amazon, Walmart or even $10 in Paypal Cash.

The “guess the card” game is highly recommended as a quick way to earn HC’s.

4. InstaGC

Make Money Online Now - InstaGCInstaGC is the “home of instant gift cars”. Similar Swagbucks and GiftHulk they’ll reward you for doing stuff online. Searching the web, watching videos, buying stuff online are all easy ways to get points.

Points can be converted into gift cards at a rate of 100 points per $1.

Listening to music is an easy way to earn points on InstaGC. You can earn 3 points every 30mins. Open the InstaGC radio in a separate browser window to avoid closing it by accident. Also make sure the enter the Captcha every 30mins to claim your points. Just put it on mute if you don’t want to listen 😉

Visting websites is another interesting way to earn points with InstaGC. You only need to visit the recommended site for 5 seconds to get rewarded. The list is refreshed each day and some websites can be visited multiple times.

5. Bing Rewards

Make Money Online Now - BingBing Rewards is a rewards program from Microsoft. They reward users for using their Bing search engine along with a few other things (but mostly its just search related rewards). The best way to use Bing Rewards is to download the search bar and install it on your browser.

Bing rewards pays out ~$0.01 per bing credit. Credits can be exchanges for gift cards. The nice thing about Bing Rewards is that its owned by Microsoft so you know you’re going to get paid.

They also have a great referral program. You’ll get 500 points for any friends or family you refer to Bing Rewards. You can have up to 5 accounts per household… but only 1 per individual 😉

6. Slice The Pie

Make Money Online Now - SliceThePieThis site is an interesting one, its not like Bing, Swagbucks, GiftHulk or InstaGC. In fact its a pretty unique way to make money online. On Slice The Pie you review music. You listen to all sorts of music, usually new stuff. You listen for at least 1 min and 30 seconds and then write a short review. My understanding is that the review gets sent back to the artist. Depending on the quality of the review you can get paid up to $0.25.

Slice The Pie is a fun way to listen to new music and make a little money too. Just don’t go too quickly. They have a unique “energy bar” that depletes as you submit reviews. Submit reviews too quickly and your energy bar will deplete entirely and you’ll have to wait a bit before doing more reviews. This is their attempt to get users to take their time and submit quality reviews.

7. Perk TV

Make Money Online Now - PerkTVPerk TV is an app that pays you to watch videos. Of course you don’t really have to watch them, you can just set your device to play video’s continuously while you’re doing something else. Perk TV rewards users with points for each video they watch. Points vary by country but in the US its 2 points per video.

Points can be converted into gift cards to places like Amazon. A $5 amazon gift card is 1,000 points so each point is worth about $0.001. Video’s can be played on multiple devices on the same account so just setup all your devices to play during the night to earn cash while you sleep 🙂 Just be warned. You’ll get a “Are you still watching?” popup every 3-6 hours.

Some people even buy cheap Android phones for under $50 and setup what’s called a “Perk Farm”. Each device will earn about $1-$2 per day so its easy to get a few devices going and earn ~$200/month.

8. Amazon Mechanical Turk (mturk)

Make Money Online Now - mTurkMechanical Turk is a site owned and operated by Amazon. This brings a lot of credibility to the site so there are less concerns about scammers on mturk. Mechanical Turk pays people to complete “hits”. These hits are submitted by requesters. Its good to read the reviews for a requester before attempting a hit. To see reviews you need a browser add on called turkopticon. This add on will help you review the following:

  • communicativity (“comm”): How responsive has this requester been to communications or concerns you have raised?
  • generosity (“pay”): How well has this requester paid for the amount of time their HITs take?
  • fairness (“fair”): How fair has this requester been in approving or rejecting your work?
  • promptness (“fast”): How promptly has this requester approved your work and paid?

In general you should only accept hits that come from requesters with good reviews. You don’t want to have requesters rejecting your work. You also don’t want to accept hits from requesters that pay less than ~$0.10/minute.

Because there is a wide range of hits available on mTurk people often join forums that share/review available hits. This will help you earn the maximum amount from mTurk. It’s possible earn $6-$10/hr on mTurk once you’ve been doing it for a while and get into the groove. Doing it 1-2hrs a day will earn you $75-$100 a week. So it’s a decent way to make some extra cash.

9. Postloop

Make Money Online Now - PostloopPostloop is another interesting way to make money online. Postloop will pay you to make intelligent and grammatically correct comments on blogs and forums. These forums and blogs are looking for users and activity. They’ll pay Postloop and its users to come visit their sites and join the conversation. The only catch is that you must post high quality comments. But for anyone with English as a first language this should be easy.

Before you can get paid for posting on blogs/forums you have to get approved by Postloop itself. They rate users from 1-5. Users with a rating below 4 will have a hard time. To get rated you need to submit 10 posts to the Postloop forum itself. After you submit 10 well written posts that are free from spelling and grammatical errors you’ll get reviewed and assigned a rating.

Once you’re rated its easy to earn points. Points are awarded for making posts on various sites. Once you have a few posts on a site that site owner will review your posts and rate them. These should be your best posts to give you the best chance of getting approved. Then you just keep commenting and earning points. Each point is worth $0.05. Payouts are available through Paypal.


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Vote now! What is your favourite website for making money online?




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