Making Money From Home: January Update $1,662


Making Money From Home - January Update $1,662My goodness! January was an amazing month. A little bit cold outside but my side income was on fire! This was my second best month ever for making money from home. This month I was able to make over $1,600! How amazing is that?!? My goal was to make $1,500 and I handily beat that in January.

Long term my goal is to make $3,000 a month. So there is still quite a bit of work to do with my side gigs. But it seems like things are pretty consistent. The last 5 months have been above $1,500, which is great, but now I need to figure out how to boost it to the next level.

All that extra side income has been put to good use by building up the family emergency fund. I might decide to pull the plug early (I want to quit my day job) before hitting the $3k/month mark as long as we have a sizeable emergency fund to back us up for a while.

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How I’m Making Money From Home:

  • Website: i need money ASAP! plus a few other small projects
  • Carpentry: A hobby of mine that brings in some cash
  • Small Business: Not sure what yet…maybe financial planning?
  • Freelancing: In the future…maybe freelance writing?
  • Swagbucks: Easy way to make money online just by searching & watching videos
  • Clickworker: Doing small tasks online

My January Update: $1,662

January was a good month. To be honest I’m a bit surprised. The expectation was that traffic and income would dip again. Another dip would have meant 4 straight months of declines. That’s why I’m super happy that income actually grew this month. Not only that but January was my second best month ever at $1,662!

My expectation is that February and March will still be a bit lower. February is only 28 days so there will be fewer days to earn money this month.



January was great for online income. On top of one of my other websites started to produce some income. It’s not huge yet but it’s great to see that I can diversify my income a little bit.

If you’re thinking about starting a website then I encourage you to check out my previous post. GoDaddy still has their $1 promotion where you can start a website for only $1/month! You get a free domain name and everything. This is how I got started blogging.

This month my websites made a crazy $1,590! This was from a mixture of Adsense, and affiliate sales.

Affiliate sales were great this month. There were a number of readers who signed up for the GoDaddy promotion that I mentioned above. (If you’re reading this post please shoot me an email at Thomas (at) ineedmoneyasap (dot) com. I’d love to help you build your own site)

The site has seen some good growth in January. Page views and bounce rates will always be a focus to ensure readers have a good experience on the site. Something new I’d like to do in February is test out some interactive tools. Not sure exactly what/how yet but I’ve been looking into a few options.

One of my other sites also started to produce an income this month. It’s extremely exciting to see some of my work starting to pay off. It’s quite a bit different from this site so I wasn’t sure how it would work. I’ll give it a few more months before getting too excited though.

January Stats:

  • Sessions: 12,279
  • Pageviews: 31,648
  • Pages/Session: 2.6
  • Bounce Rate: 52%

I didn’t end up doing any guest posts this month 🙁 This is something I’d like to focus on in February.

Overall though it was a great month for blogging and I hope to keep this up in Feb.


Swagbucks is a great site for making a bit of extra cash online. It’s possible to make a few bucks per hour using Swagbucks. The best way is to just install the Swagbucks toolbar and use it for search. The other great way to earn Swagbucks is through referrals. You earn 10% of all the SBs your referrals earn!

This month I only made $68 from Swagbucks.

If you want to learn more about Swagbucks please checkout my reviews here and here.


Clickworker is another site I use to make money online. On Clickworker its possible to make between $5-$10 per hour. The trick is to qualify for good tasks by doing well on the assessments. I didn’t spend much time on Clickworker so I only made ~$5 this month.


None of my carpentry projects moved forward this month except for a pair of baby gates I custom built for my main floor. We have an 8 month old that’s going to be on the move very soon so I spent a bit of time putting these gates together. They’re just made with pine wood and few coats of glossy orange paint. They actually look really cool 🙂

Small Business:

For the longest time I’ve been very interested in personal finance. Reading personal finance books and websites is something I do on a regular basis. It’s even something I’ve considered as a potential small business. I would love to be a fee-only financial advisor and help people manage their money. This is a small business that I believe would fit me very well.

The only thing is that I completely lack the credentials required. So to fix that I’ve started a Financial Planning certificate at a local college! This will let me become a CFP eventually. My first class is Personal Financial Planning and I’m going every Wednesday night. This is part of the reason that my other projects haven’t moved forward this month.

It’s been a lot of work keeping up with reading & classes on top of my day job, website and of course my family. It’s been hectic but I’ve always believed that the only way to improve your situation is through hard work and extra effort.

Making Money From Home:

That’s it for this month! For February I’m going to keep my goal of $1,500. On top of this I’d like to try some new interactive tools on the site. I’m also going to try to get at least one guest post this month.

Wish me luck!

How was your January? Did you reach your goals, financial or otherwise? Are you making money from home? Tell us what’s working well for you in the comments below!

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