Make Extra Money Walking Dogs


Make Extra Money Walking DogsFor the animal lover one of the best ways to make extra money is by walking dogs. It can be a wonderful way to make a few extra bucks. Dog ownership is said it provide many benefits. Dog owners are happier and healthier. These benefits extend to dog walkers too. But dog walkers have the additional benefit of getting paid!

How Much Can You Make Walking Dogs?

So how much extra money can you make walking dogs? Well an experienced dog walker can make between $15-$25 per hour. How much you make will depending on a couple of factors. Things like your local rates, your area, time between walks etc will have an impact.

  • 30 min walk = $10-$15
  • 60 min walk = $15-$25
  • Overnight pet sitting = $50-$100

You can make extra money by walking 2-3 dogs at the same time. This is easy to do if your walking dogs that live in the same area. Try to keep distances between pet owners down to a minimum so that you can spend more time walking dogs and earning money rather than travelling.

Joining an agency is another option. Its easier to make extra money this way because they have clients already. However they do take a cut and this will decrease your hourly rate. Starting off with a dog walking agency is a good way to start but going out on your own pays much better.

Requirements For Dog Walkers:

Obviously being a dog lover is a big requirement but here are some other requirements for dog walkers.

  • Available during 11am-2pm time period (key period for dog walking)
  • All weather gear (you walk rain or shine)
  • Doggy bags

Advertise Your Services:

To advertise your services consider printing some postcard sized flyers. These can be printed for $30-$40 and will give you a few hundred flyers to disperse. Try putting them at local parks, off leash areas, coffee shops, community centers, libraries, pet stores etc. You can also go door to door and give these to prospective clients.


Make Extra Money Walking Dogs:

Walking dogs is a fantastic way to make extra money. If you’re available during the day then this could be the perfect side gig for you. Spend time outdoors with mans (and womans) best friend. Even walking 1-2 dogs per day can be an extra $20-$30. If you do this every day thats an extra $400-$600 a month! Its healthy. It’ll make you happier. It’s a great way to make extra money!

Good luck!

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