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SliceThePie Tips And TricksSliceThePie is a really cool website for making money online. It’s nothing like the normal rewards websites such as Swagbucks or GiftHulk. On SliceThePie you get paid to review music! If you want to make money online then we’ve got a few SliceThePie tips and tricks for your to maximize your time on the site.

Even if you’re not a huge music fan this is still an enjoyable way to make a few bucks. The only downside is that the hourly rate maxes out at around $10/hr and you’ll probably get around $4-$5/hr to start.

Even at $5/hr I still use the site on a regular basis. For me it’s a fun way spend 15-20min each day. I’ll earn $1-2/day and my goal is to have $400-$500 by the end of the year. This will be used for Christmas shopping or a special treat for myself 😉

You’re not going to get rich but you can improve your hourly rate by following some of these SliceThePie tips and tricks below.

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SliceThePie Tips and Tricks:

Here are a few tips for using SliceThePie. This will help you maximize you time on the site and get you closer to that $10/hr mark.


1. Pay Attention To The Energy Bar

The energy bar is pretty unique to SliceThePie. It decreases as you submit reviews and replenishes every 180 seconds. Because can submit a review every 90 seconds it’s possible to fully deplete the energy bar every ~20 reviews if you’re working at the maximum rate. That’s why I only spend 15-30 minutes on the site each day. Once I deplete the energy bar or hit the 30min mark I usually stop. Even at the entry level rate of $0.10/review that’s $2 per day plus you get to listen to some new music at the same time.

2. Learn The Lingo

When you review song on SliceThePie the feedback is sent to the artist. They use this feedback to improve their music. This doesn’t mean you have to be a musical expert. But it will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your reviews if you know a few basics concepts.

  • Structure – Comment on the quality of the intro, verse, chorus and bridge.
  • Tempo – Does the beat of the song match the style? Does the tempo change?
  • Melody – Is the melody strong & memorable? Do the instruments work well together?
  • Vocals – Are the vocals strong or weak? Do they sing in tune/key/pitch? Good or weak articulation?
  • Lyrics – Are the lyrics good or do they make no sense?

3. Increase Your Speed

You can submit a review every 90 seconds on SliceThePie. Take any longer and you’re just decreasing your hourly rate. To increase your speed you want to start typing immediately. It takes a bit of practice but you should try to free flow thoughts into the review. Talk about the parts of the song as they come up. For example the intro, vocals, instrumental, beat/rhythm and chorus. This will help you write good reviews in the allotted 90 seconds.

4. Increase Your Status

Status increases as you review more songs. The levels go from Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum. You start at the Silver level when you join. Submit a bunch of bad reviews and you’ll get demoted. Submit enough good reviews and you’ll be promoted to the next level. You’ll start at $0.10/song and can get up to $0.25/song. Sometimes there are special incentives that increase the compensation to a maximum of $0.30-$0.40/song. Getting to the Gold/Platinum level will really help your hourly earnings.

Sign up with SliceThePie now to start earning money online.


Have you used SliceThePie? Do you have any tips or tricks to share?


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