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Blog IdeasIf you’ve ever thought about starting a blog then you’re going to want to read this post. In this post I’m going to share with you some great blog ideas.

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Finding Blog Ideas:

Finding new blog ideas is something I now do for fun (lame, I know). When I first started blogging I didn’t know how to pick a good blog idea. But after a while I learned that the best blog ideas are ones that focus on two things.

1. First Rule of Great Blog Ideas: A great blog idea should be focused on a specific topic with lots of readers.


2. Second Rule of Great Blog Ideas: If you want to make money with your blog then you need to find a blog idea that also has plenty of advertiser interest.

To gauge these two things I use Google Adwords. Adwords is free to join and they have a great keyword planner tool that tells you searches per month as well as advertiser bids for ad space (also called Cost Per Click or CPC). A high CPC means that advertisers are willing to pay top dollar for ad space. Blog ideas with a high CPC is a good indication that you can easily monetize the blog in the future.

You can join Adwords and do some research for yourself or you can use some of my ideas below as a starting point.

Great Blog Ideas:

Here are some of my favorite blog ideas. These are blog ideas that I have used in the past or plan on using in the future. They meet both rules of great blog ideas. They have tons of traffic and readership. They also have lots of advertiser interest.

Personal Finance:

The personal finance space has a lot of competition but rightfully so. There are plenty of people searching for personal finance topics each month. The keyword “personal finance” alone gets over 18,000 searches per month. Plus advertisers like to bid on this keyword and so the CPC is high at $6.75. This is a good indication that you can easily monetize a personal finance blog.

Searches per month = 18,100

Avg Advertiser Bid per Click = $6.75

Student Loans:

Student loans are a HUGE topic for blogs to write about. There are lots of different sub-topics that can be explained in blog posts. There is also a lot of fresh interest in student loans each year thanks to the thousands of kids looking to get (or pay off) student loans. The high searches per month mean that there is a lot of competition in this space. But if you can make your blog stand out with a unique story or point of view then you could get some massive traffic.

Searches per month = 201,000

Avg Advertiser Bid per Click = $14.61

Credit Card:

Credit cards are another large and profitable topic to write about. There are tons of searches for everything from “best credit card” to “first credit card”. This gives you plenty of topics to write about and plenty of interested readers.

Searches per month = 74,000

Avg Advertiser Bid per Click = $8.20

Dating Sites:

If you didn’t already know… online dating sites are BIG business. There are a lot of advertisers who are looking for new customers and also a lot of people searching for more info. They want to know things like what the “best dating site” is. Or where to find a “free dating site”.

You could have a ton of fun with this topic 🙂

Searches per month = 165,000

Avg Advertiser Bid per Click = $5.02


Exercising and fitness is another profitable blogging idea. This niche has a lot of topics as well. People search for things like “exercise equipment”, “exercise routines”, “exercise clothes”, “core exercises” etc etc.

There are tons of people searching for this info each month. The only downside is that the cost per click is a bit lower than the other blog ideas. Still, anything above $1 is still a good topic.

Searches per month = 135,000

Avg Advertiser Bid per Click = $1.40

Weight Loss:

Starting a blog in the weight loss niche could also be very profitable. There are a ton of searches in this topic and the advertiser interest is also high. This topic also has many affiliate opportunities to increase your income even further.

People searching for “weight loss” also search for things like “how to lose weight fast”, “weight loss smoothies”, “weight loss recipes” etc etc

Searches per month = 90,500

Avg Advertiser Bid per Click = $3.73


Anything iPhone related gets huge traffic and advertiser interest. Of course this niche has lots and lots of competition from other sites. If you’re able to stand out then this technology blog could be a very fun and profitable one.

Other technology topics are also highly profitable. Everything from phones to laptops gets quite a bit of advertiser interest.

Searches per month = 450,000

Avg Advertiser Bid per Click = $2.26


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