Make Quick Money With These 14 Side Gigs


Make Quick Money With These 14 Side GigsWho couldn’t use a little extra money? The problem is how to make quick money without taking up all your free time. There are many side gigs that are easy, flexible and pay reasonably well. Over the last few years I’ve done a few of these with great success. The trick is to find something you enjoy doing and that can give you at least $10-$20 per hour.

14 Side Gigs To Make Quick Money:

These are all great side gigs that you can use to make quick money. They all…

  • Have low startup costs
  • Only need a home office
  • Easy to find customers
  • Have lots of demand
  • Provide a flexible schedule
  • Pay a decent $/hr


If you like kids, if people find you trustworthy and reliable, then babysitting might be a great way to earn money fast. It’s pretty easy to make money babysitting. You don’t necessarily need any credentials to start but it can help to have CPR or First Aid courses. Learn more about making money babysitting.

House Cleaner:

Cleaning houses on the side is an easy way to make more money. Cleaning houses is great because the hourly rate is $20-$30 per hour, you don’t need extra training and you can basically set your own schedule. This makes cleaning houses a great side gig if you need to make more money.

Dog Walker:

Walking dogs is a fantastic way to make extra money. If you’re available during the day then this could be the perfect side gig for you. Spend time outdoors with mans (and womans) best friend. Even walking 1-2 dogs per day can be an extra $20-$30. If you do this every day thats an extra $400-$600 a month! Its healthy. It’ll make you happier. It’s a great way to make extra money!


Becoming a vendor at summertime events can be quite lucrative. It can be as simple as selling bottled water from a cooler or selling glow sticks at night time festivals. Both of these vendors require little upfront costs and may not even need to pay a vendors fee.


Freelance Writer:

Freelancing can be a very rewarding source of income. You can make money freelance writing from just about anywhere, at home, in the coffee shop or at the park. If you have a talent for writing then freelance writing might be for you. Find gigs through oDesk or Elance as well as online job boards like ProBlogger. Learn more.

Seasonal Chores:

Seasonal chores like raking leaves, shovelling snow or lawn care offer the perfect opportunity to earn money fast. Lots of people dislike these seasonal chores. They also don’t normally look for these services year round. But during key periods they’re in desperate need and are willing to pay for some help.

Virtual Assistant:

Would you like to become a virtual assistant? If you need money and want to work from home then becoming a virtual assistant might be the perfect choice for you. To become a virtual assistant, especially a successful one, you need to have determination. But if you’re able to break through the challenges then you could be making anywhere from $20-$100 per hour working from home!


Successfully getting into a top college or university is a difficult task. There is a lot of competition for those spots and every little edge helps. This is why many parents pay for additional SAT prep for their kids. If you need money and have scored well on your SATs then doing SAT Prep is a lucrative way to make money for college.


Do you know how to play an instrument? Make people laugh? Do you have any unique skills like juggling, magic, sleight of hand? Are you artistically gifted? Then busking could be the solution if you need money asap. Busking for money could generate anywhere from $20-$40/hr. A prime location and a unique performance could garner $100+ per hour during peak times. Learn more about how to make money busking.

Tour Guide:

Tour guides are a awesome way to make quick money. You’ll meet interesting people and have a great time introducing them to your city. Walking tours are easy and cheap to setup. Advertising can be done anywhere tourists will be. Try doing specialized tours like ghost tours, historical tours, running/exercise tours, sports tours or any other kind of fun/new tour you can think of. Charge about $5 per guest for a 1hr tour. Offer private tours for $40-$60.

Car Detailer:

Love cars? Why not become a car detailer on the side? Experienced car detailers can make a decent amount of money per hour. Make sure to ask customers for referrals as this is the best way to get new customers. Focus on higher end cars to get customers with higher disposable income. Try partnering with a dealership or association to get new customers.

Personal Mover:

People are always moving and so there is always a need for a personal mover. This could be as simple as a helping had for a few hours. Look on Craigslist for moving gigs in your city. But always use caution and common sense when responding to a Craigslist ad.

Music Teacher:

Having a passion for music makes it easy to become a music teacher. Teaching can be done many different ways. You could do one on one lessons. Or use your local library, community center, coffee shop or bar to do larger music jams. These are lessons and jam sessions all in one. Usually there is a $5-$10 fee to cover the lesson and any venue costs. Then after the lesson everyone tries a piece of music or technique that they just learned.

Flip Stuff on Craigslist:

Over the last year I’ve made over $1000 on Craigslist and you could too! Selling personal stuff on Craigslist is great if you need money quickly but selling your own stuff isn’t the only way to make money on Craigslist. Flipping stuff on Craigslist is a great way to make extra cash. Here’s how you can make money on Craigslist too.


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