How To Make Money Off A Website


How To Make Money Off A WebsiteThere are lots of examples of people making money off a website. Many bloggers share their income stats each month. Some examples are Michele from MakingSenseofCents, Holly from ClubThrifty and even me, Thomas, here on ineedmoneyASAP! But have you ever wondered how we’re able to make money off a website? Who is that money coming from?

In this post I’m going to walk you through the most common methods for making money off a website. Most websites use a combination of these methods. Sometimes they only use 1-2 or sometimes more. It all depends on your readers, your niche and how you choose to monetize your site.

Whatever method you choose it’s possible to make some decent money off a website. My personal goal is to make $3,000/month from home. A major part of my plan involves making money off this website. Before starting this site I had pretty much no experience with making money online. So if its possible for me to make money off a website then I know you can too! 🙂

Here’s how to make money off a website…

How To Make Money Off A Website:

Sell Products: eCommerce sites are easy to setup these days. You can buy website “themes” that have built-in eCommerce portals. All you need to do is find a good product to sell.

Sell Services: Similar to selling products except here you’re selling services. The best services to sell via a website are digital or online services. It could be blog management, SEO expertise or social media expertise. Anything that can be done virtually is a good candidate.


Affiliate Sales: If you don’t have a product of your own to sell then you could always try selling products for other people. Amazon has a huge affiliate network and its easy to sign up. There are other affiliates like Commission Junction too. Or you can reach out to companies directly. Many companies have online affiliate programs these days.

Adsense: Probably the go-to method for monetizing a website. Adsense is easy to use and carries with it the power of Google. Adsense has a huge number of advertisers which means that Google can tailor their ads specifically to your website visitors. This is good for you because your visitors get ads that they probably are interested in which means it wont disrupt their user experience. Plus with tailored ads these readers are more likely to click on them. This is another ad network and is similar to Adsense. This network is run by Yahoo/Bing so it also carries a lot of weight. Even with these two large companies behind it doesn’t have the same depth of advertisers. It is still an interesting alternative to Adsense and its always good to have a backup.

Sponsored Posts: When you do a sponsored post you’re allowing a company to advertise on your site in a more natural way. This is both good and bad. Its good when these sponsored posts can both add value to the reader and inform them of a product/service. Its bad when a sponsored posts reads just like an ad. This can turn off readers from your site and could even result in a demotion from Google.

eBooks: This is a relatively new way to make money off a website. In the past books required thousands of dollars in upfront costs. This made it difficult for independent publishers to write/produce niche books. But with the advent of eReaders its now easy to write and sell a book for only a few thousand readers. In fact, by publishing a short eBook every few weeks/months it is possible to make a living off eBooks alone.

eCourses or Webinars: Along with the rise of eBooks there has also been a surge in the number of eCourses available. These courses are usually pre-recorded and presented with a mixture of eBook material and instructional videos. Although this required more equipment and knowledge than just publishing an eBook it is still possible for anyone to create and sell an eCourse.

Workshops or Live Training: Just like eCourses these two options allow you to sell instructional materials to others. But unlike eCourses which are usually pre-recorded, workshops or live-trainings are done in real time. This allows interaction between the instructor and the participants. Its possible to charge more for a live training because of this benefit.

Memberships or Premium Content: These are similar to eCourses but go for an indefinite period of time. In addition to premium learning materials and a community of members, memberships also come with additional privileges like discounts or free products/services. Setting up a membership area for your website is pretty easy to do too.

How To Make Money Off A Website:

Thats it! Hopefully now you have a better idea of how to make money off a website. Test some of the methods above and then come back and let us know how you did.

Do you know of any additional ways to make money off a website? Please share them in the comments below. I’ll make sure to add them to the post and give you a shout out too!

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