Making Money From Home: September Update $1,832


Making Money From Home - September Update $1,832


September was a crazy month and while this isn’t a personal blog I do feel that this monthly income post gives me some room for personal announcements. Those who have followed i need money ASAP! for a while will know that I have a small family and live a modest lifestyle. The goal is to eventually quit my day job and work from home full time. My deadline for this was the end of 2016. So a little over a year to go.

In September we made a step towards that goal by buying a home!

How exactly does buying a home help me work from home? Well this home is in a nearby town. This town has a much lower cost of living. It’s also much closer to most of our family and friends. Because of the reduced driving and lower living expenses we figure we’ll save ~$500-$1000 per month!

These savings will come from lower living expenses and a much smaller mortgage. We’re also hoping the fact we’re closer to family will mean less driving, less gas, less wear and tear on the car etc.


In total our living expenses will come much closer to what I make in side income each month. If I can squeeze some more income out of my side gigs then working from home full time seems within reach. Unfortunately this month my side income took a step backwards from August but hopefully thats only temporary.

Its easy to start a blog. Check out the start a blog page. This guide will show you how to start a blog in just minutes using Host GatorBlueHost or GoDaddy. I use BlueHost personally. Crowdsource a great logo. For only a little bit of cash get a great logo from sites like DesignCrowd.

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My September Update: $1,832


My websites did great again this month. The total revenue was slightly down from last month but I somewhat expected that to happen. It seems that this site in particular gets the majority of its visitors in the summer months and less in the shoulder seasons. So September saw a slight dip vs August.

On the plus side my second website again made money this month (although less than last month). This month my second site made $19.81. That’s down from $53.39 last month but I’m not going to complain. With a little more attention I think this site could make a few hundred a month or more. This would give my overall side income a nice boost.

September Stats:

  • Sessions: 12,354
  • Pageviews: 29,045
  • Pages/Session: 2.4
  • Bounce Rate: 54%


Swagbucks is always a good way to make a bit of extra cash. This month with referrals I got over $100 from Swagbucks! Earning $500-$1000 a year with Swagbucks is easily doable. Check out my guide for more details.

Swagbucks won’t make you rich but who’s going to say no to an extra $50-$100 a month?!?

Get started with a $5 sign up bonus from Swagbucks.

Small Business:

This month I started a new class. This one is all about retirement planning. This will be my fifth course out of six. It’s been pretty easy to do classes on top of work and I would encourage everyone who is interested to take a look at your local college night classes. They’re a great way to build your skills and still work at the same time.

My goal is to take this financial planning certificate and eventually offer financial planning advice as a fee only planner. This is still a little ways off though.

Making Money From Home:

How was your September? Have you started making money from home yet? It seems hard to do but there are many different options for making money from home. From making money online, to starting a small business, to doing freelance work, there are literally thousands of ways to make money from home, you just need to find what works for you.

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