SliceThePie Review: It Sucks, Here’s Why


SliceThePie Review: It Sucks, Here's WhyUgh! I really wanted to like SliceThePie but I just don’t. I think it sucks. Here’s why…

On the surface it seems like an amazing premise. Review music for new or established artists and get paid to do it. It’s a novel way to crowd source real feedback from music listers. It’s also a fun way to make money online. BUT!

Over the last couple of months I’ve tried very hard to get into SliceThePie but it just didn’t happen.

So what’s the problem? Well there are a couple of things.

#1 The Pay Is Super Low!

This is by far and away the number one reason why I dislike SliceThePie. The pay is abysmal. The rate per song I was getting most of the time was around $0.08. That’s 8 cents for about 1-2 minutes of active listening and typing. On an hourly basis it’s equivalent to $3.20/hr if I can average a review every 1.5 minutes.

For the amount of effort it takes to listen and write a review the payment isn’t there. I would rather take that effort and make more money doing something like freelance writing. On the other side I could make around the same money but have way more fun using sites like Swagbucks. I could play some games, watch some videos or do surveys and end up with the same money for less effort.


#2 The Songs Are Terrible!

This isn’t the fault of SliceThePie. They have no control over the songs they’re asked to review. But it makes it very hard to spend a lot of time on the site when the quality of the songs can vary greatly. Some songs are absolutely terrible. This makes listening and reviewing them more of a chore.

In my opinion there are funner ways to make money online.

#3 The Songs Get Very Repetitive!!!

In the all the times I used SliceThePie the most common reason I’d stop is because the songs became too repetitive.

In my experience the majority of the songs on the site are very similar. This makes it very boring to review songs for any length of time.

How Could SliceThePie Get Better?

SliceThePie would be way better if they would just increase the payouts to around $0.25/song. This would make it close to $10/hr and would give me enough reason to put up with the low quality songs and repetitive nature of the work.

Is this likely to happen? Probably not. Like most online crowd sourcing there is no shortage of workers. And with the law of supply and demand this means that they can offer low rates and still get users to review songs

It’s unfortunate because I really wanted to like SliceThePie.

Have you ever used the site? Do you have a different experience from mine? Share it in the comments below!

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