Making Money From Home: October Update $1,497


Making Money From Home - October Update $1,497

October was a quick month. Classes are back into full swing. There was a lot to do around the house as we prepare to sell our current home and move into our new one. As a result the website suffered a little bit (but not a lot).

During October I spent very little time on the site. Luckily I had prepared a bunch of posts ahead of time. That let me focus on other things than the site. But even with some canned posts I still neglected my emails and commenting. I also didn’t do any new outreach either. These are all things I want to start doing again in November.

In November I also want to think about a new “monster post” that I could create for Other sites like The Penny Hoarder have launched their own “monster posts” like their Black Friday deals section. Pages like this drive a lot of traffic and provide a lot of value for readers.

There are a few pages of mine that get a lot of traffic from Google and Facebook. These “monster posts” help drive a lot of traffic for the site and also a lot of ad revenue. They provide a lot of value for readers. They have low bounce rates and high number of click throughs.

To create a new “monster post” I’m going to seek help from readers. I’m going to ask exactly what financial problems readers are having and then tailor more posts to those needs.


Even with all the distractions this month still came in at ~$1,500 for all my side income. Thats amazing!

Its easy to start a blog. Check out the start a blog page. This guide will show you how to start a blog in just minutes using Host GatorBlueHost or GoDaddy. I use BlueHost personally. Crowdsource a great logo. For only a little bit of cash get a great logo from sites like DesignCrowd.

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My October Update: $1,497


My second website made $35 this month. Not a ton of money but it’s growing. It’s up from last month when I only made ~$20. The struggle with my second site is that I don’t have enough time to really build up the content and work on outreach. Making a website is relatively easy. Generating content is a bit harder. The hardest thing to do is outreach with other websites. To me this always took the most amount of time.

My main site continues to generate an amazing amount of side income each month. Even during months like this where I basically forget about the site for 4 weeks it still makes ~$1,400.

There is one piece of bad news. This is the first month where my side income was below last year. Last October was a great month so perhaps this is just a one time event.

October Stats:

  • Sessions: 11,285
  • Pageviews: 26,121
  • Pages/Session: 2.3
  • Bounce Rate: 55%


Swagbucks continues to be a great source of money each month. It takes a bit of time to generate +$100/month but you can make $5-$10-$20 per month just by using Swagbucks for your regular internet searches and the occasional online purchase.

Get started with a $5 sign up bonus from Swagbucks. There is still time to get some free gift cards before Christmas. One of my favourites is the $5 Amazon gift card for 450 SBs. Thats a great deal and a great stocking stuffer.

Small Business:

Eventually I’d like to start my own financial planning business. To do this I’ve been taking some financial planning courses at a local college. The certificate is nearly finished, just one more class to go after this one!

Going back to school after ~10 years seems daunting but its been a lot of fun. Going to school takes on a completely different meaning when you’re older. Its more fulfilling and rewarding than it was before. Its also a great way to increase your earning potential. If you’re considering going back to school then I would recommend that you stop debating and just do it!

Making Money From Home:

October was a great month consider I spent very little time on my side gigs. Hopefully things will continue to build with my second website and I’ll have two steady income streams going forward. How did you do in October? Did you reach your goals?

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