“I Need 200 Dollars Now” Ideas


I Need 200 Dollars Now Ideas

Financial emergencies happen all the time. Things like car repairs, hydro bills, gas bills, home repairs, medical emergencies can all creep up on you. These unexpected bills can make you say…. “shit… I need money now”.

So if you need $200 now and you need some ideas then here are a few “I need 200 dollars now!” ideas for you…

Flip Stuff On Craigslist:

Lots of time you can find some pretty decent items in the “free” section of Craigslist. These items sometimes need a bit of work. But sometimes you can flip them on Craigslist without any additional effort. Just pick it up and re-list it later that day. Some people think this is a bit wrong. But if you need 100 dollars now then it’s definitely an option and one that I think is fair. Otherwise you could find items that are underpriced. Buy them up quickly and the re-list them later for a bit more. This also works for items that you can fix up a bit (maybe a small repair or some paint) and the sell for more money.

Payday Loan:


Payday loans are an option if you need 200 dollars now. The only downside is that the loan only lasts two weeks and it carries a very high interest rate. If you only take our a payday loan once it can be one way to make ends meet. But if you rollover the loan every two weeks it starts to get very expensive. Rollover a payday load for a full year and you’ll pay 4x-10x the loan amount in interest.

Donate Blood For Money:

Donating blood pays anywhere from $25-$50 per donation. You can donate up to twice per week and usually earn more on the second visit. The first visit takes a bit longer but after that you can be in and out in under an hour. Within a little as two visits you could solve your “I need 200 dollars now!” problem. Learn more about what it takes to donate blood for money. Or just find one of almost 500 places to donate.

Have A Garage Sale:

Raising 200 dollars from a garage sale is easily doable for most people. Most people have a lot of extra stuff lying around the house that can be quickly sold off if you’re thinking “i need 200 dollars now!”. Make a list of all the high value stuff you want to sell and post this on Craigslist and local online classifieds. Include a list of items and the time/location of the garage sale. Make sure to setup early, like 6am-7am, those garagesalers like to get out early.

Cash Advance Loan:

Cash advance loans are not great. They’re really expensive over the long term. But a cash advance loan could solve you 100 dollar problem in the short term. But just like the credit card idea this only works if you can pay down the cash advance in two weeks. Rolling over the loan is how you end up paying crazy high fees & interest.

Visit A Pawn Shop:

Pawn shops have long been used by people who need a few bucks asap. They provide cash loans to people who need 100-1000 dollars. In exchange for the loan you need to ‘pawn’ something valuable. For a list of items that pawn shops like to see visit our post “How Pawn Shop Loans Work“. This could easily solve that “I need 200 dollars now” problem.

Ask For Overtime:

Try asking for overtime at your job. Employers sometimes have flexibility to pay overtime if they need extra help. It never hurts to ask so approach your boss and see if there is an extra work to be done. Usually this counts as time and a half so getting 200 dollars should take less time too.

Sell Stuff On Craigslist:

Making $200 on Craigslist is pretty easy. Anything priced right will sell in a few hours. Include a nice picture and a good description to make it easy to find. To sell items fast include you cell number and ask people to text. Just post it in a format that makes it hard for spammers to call, like “6 Seven 3 – Three Three 2 2”. Get more tips if you want to know how to sell things on Craigslist fast. Sell one high value item to solve your “I need 200 dollars now” problem.

Make A Credit Card Purchase For A Friend:

If you only need 100 dollars for a short period then ask if you can make a large credit card purchase for a friend. Have them give you the cash right away and use that for whatever you needed the 200 dollars for. Then you have a few weeks to figure out how to pay off your credit card bill. If it’s just a short term cash flow issue then this could solve your “I need 100 dollars now” problem. But that’s only if you’re able to pay down the credit card later.

Find A Temp Job:

Finding a temp job isn’t too hard. You can use Craigslist to find moving jobs or odd jobs that pay cash. These can pay $10-15 per hour for a few hours work. Or you can sign up with a temp agency. This usually takes a bit longer but they can help you find a temp job in your area.


Babysitters can get anywhere from $10-$20 per hour (depending on where you live). If you’re good with kids then this might be a great way to earn cash if you say “I need 200 dollars now”. At $20/hr that’s only 10 hours of babysitting. Advertise your services via Facebook. Make a post asking your friends if they need someone to watch their kids for the evening. Chances are someone is looking for a bit of help.

Seasonal Chores (Cutting Lawns/Raking Leaves/Shovelling Snow):

Doing seasonal chores is another great way to make some quick money. Making 200 dollars isn’t too difficult when you’re in the right season. Raking leaves is one way I’ve been able to make some quick cash before. You can charge per hour or charge a flat rate per lawn. If you charge a flat rate you need to be a good at gauging the amount of work required. Usually a small lawn would cost $50 to rake & bag the leaves. Medium lawns are $100-$200. Large lawns are $200+. Go door to door and offer your services. Chances are you’ll be able to make 200 dollars in a day.


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