Making Money From Home: December Update $1,880


Making Money From Home - December Update $1,880

Side income has been great this year! In December it was no different. The year was capped off with $1,880 in side income. That brings the official total for 2015 to just over $20,000. On top of this the site had over 370,000 page views!

This site is now entering its 3rd year and one of my new years resolutions is to devote more time to the site. Doing two posts per week it something I’ve strived for all year but haven’t been able to achieve. With financial classes, work and family there just hasn’t been time. But my last financial planning class ends in April 2016 so there should be a lot more time after that.

Another resolution is to learn how to cook better. I wouldn’t call myself a bad cook but there is definitely a lot of room for improvement ūüėČ Cooking is a great way to save money and entertain friends. One of the next recipes I’m going to try involves these new¬†shirataki noodles. Check out this¬†shirataki noodle review for more details.

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My Previous Income Updates:

You can check out all of my past income updates by clicking the tracker in the sidebar. My goal is to reach $3,000/month in side income. By clicking each month/amount it will take you to the income update for that month with all the financial details.

My December Update: $1,880


Right now there are two websites producing income. The majority of my side income comes from this site but there is a second site I’ve been working on periodically. It’s slowly gaining momentum as certain keywords begin to rank with Google. This second site brought in $27.97 in December. Over the full year my second site made $254. That’s easily enough to cover shared hosting and the domain registration.

Having unique content is critical for a successful website and so my new years resolution is to produce more unique, interesting and valuable content for The goal is to produce two unique posts per week. This could include one post on the site and one guest post (guest posts are great for building your brand and getting high quality links).

In 2016 there are also plans for an additional website. This site would be different than my previous sites. The goal would be to sell an e-product of some sort, either an e-course, e-book, or premium content. Most online entrepreneurs making large amounts of $ all seem to have their own content for sale. Actually selling an ebook online is quite easy, there are sites/software that help handle sales and there is very little ongoing cost. The real cost comes from all the upfront effort in making and then marketing your ebook.

December Stats:

  • Sessions: 11,270
  • Pageviews: 25,032
  • Pages/Session: 2.2
  • Bounce Rate: 56%


In December Swagbucks generated $115 in side income (actually its more like free gift cards, not pure cash). Thats pretty spectacular. Most of that money went towards gifts for family and friends. Shopping on Amazon is great because you can use all your Swagbucks gift cards and also avoid all the holiday rush.

You can easily get all your gifts for free next year. Get started with a $5 sign up bonus from Swagbucks. Check out my Swagbucks guide to find out how you can make $1000+ per year with Swagbucks.

Small Business:

Eventually I’d like to start my own financial planning business. To do this I’ve been taking financial planning courses at a local college. The last course, retirement planning, ended in December with the final exam. The course wasn’t easy but I really focused on reading/studying and managed to get an A+ in the course! The next course will be the last one in the certificate.

Going back to school may seem daunting but it’s been pretty easy. For about $3,500 and one night per week I’m going to have a certificate in financial planning and a ton of useful knowledge I can use to manage my own finances. If you’ve been thinking of taking some extra courses then just go for it! It’s much easier then you’d think.

Making Money From Home:

That’s it for 2015! Over $20,000 in side income!!!¬†Who knew blogging could be so profitable?!?

Ever consider starting your own website? Its super easy to do. Just go to BlueHost and sign up for a shared hosting package. This is great for beginners. There is also a promo for a free domain if you click through the link. In total you can start your own website for as little as $50/year.

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