February Income Update: $850


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It seems my side income took another step backward in February. At $850 thats the second month in a row where my side income has decreased vs last year.

Blog traffic is also down slightly. This is probably the main reason for the decline. A few pages that drive most of my organic SEO traffic have declined in googles search results. As many bloggers know even a small increase or decrease in your search ranking can have big effects on your traffic. It seems that I’ll need to put some effort into SEO over the next few months to try and improve my ranking again.

But even with the decline I’m still very happy with my side income. After all the cost to run a website is minimal so there isn’t much risk if things decline further. I’ve already recouped my original investment many years ago so all my current side income is just gravy.

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My Previous Income Updates:

You can check out all of my past income updates by clicking the tracker in the sidebar. My goal is to reach $3,000/month in side income. By clicking each month/amount it will take you to the income update for that month with all the financial details.


My February Update: $850


Just like in January the total number of visitors to the site was down again. Not sure if this is a result of the Google update that happened in January or other changes.

When I first launched this site I spent quite a bit of time doing SEO. This included getting backlinks, doing guest posts and making comments on other blogs. Over the last few months this hasn’t been a priority and clearly the site has suffered.

Over the next few months I intend to spend a bit of time each day rebuilding those links and improving the sites SEO.

February Stats:

  • Sessions: 7,447
  • Pageviews: 16,858
  • Pages/Session: 2.3
  • Bounce Rate: 56%


Swagbucks brought in $20 in February. To make a lot of money on Swagbucks you need to spend time on the site each day. This was tough in February so my Swagbucks income suffered.

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Small Business:

Personal finance is definitely a passion of mine. It’s a topic I enjoy speaking about and this has led me to take a financial planning certificate at a local college. Going back to school seemed daunting when I first started two years ago but its been quite a bit of fun. School is definitely wasted on the youth. This time around I really appreciate my classes and instructors.

I’m currently enrolled in my final course. This course encompasses all aspects of financial planning. There are two major assignments in the class. One is a group case where we need to complete a financial plan for a fictional person as a group. The second is an individual case where you need to do the same but on your own. Its an incredible amount of work but its great practice for the future and has solidified my desire to go into financial planning in the future.

More updates to come in the future 🙂


Hope you had a great February and an even better March!

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