April Side Income: $738


April Side IncomeThere’s nothing certain when it comes to online income and April was a great example of that. Side income in the month of April was only $738. Thats the lowest month in almost two years. Traffic dropped slightly but the real impact was from certain profitable keywords.

Keywords help companies target ads. If more companies target a specific keyword that drives up the price of the ad. Certain keywords therefore can be very profitable if you’re able to rank high in Googles search results.

At the same time, if you lose ranking that can have a huge impact on your monthly Adsense income. That’s exactly whats happened over the last few months. Traffic for certain keywords has dropped and these just happen to be the most profitable keywords for this site.

At $738 that’s less that half of last years side income. The goal over the next few months will be to increase income back up to previous levels.

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My Previous Income Updates:

You can check out all of my past income updates by clicking the tracker in the sidebar. My goal is to reach $3,000/month in side income. By clicking each month/amount it will take you to the income update for that month with all the financial details.


My April Update: $738


Websites were the major driver of side income last month with ~$600 coming from this site and about $25 coming from my second site.

As I mentioned earlier my goal will be to increase this side income back up to previous levels. The main focus will be on SEO. Getting new/better links to the site. Another focus will be on content. New and exciting articles for the site. Lastly there will be a small focus on monetization. The site is monetized through ads but there are other opportunities to monetize websites that have not yet been employed here.

In addition to ads I’ll be looking at some of these options…

  • Sell Products
  • Sell Services
  • Affiliate Sales
  • Sponsored Posts
  • eBooks
  • eCourses or Webinars
  • Workshops or Live Training
  • Memberships or Premium Content

April Stats:

  • Sessions: 6,691
  • Pageviews: 15,136
  • Pages/Session: 2.3
  • Bounce Rate: 58%


Swagbucks has been a great way for me to make money online. Income from Swagbucks has slowed slightly but it still brought in $15 last month. This is mostly in the form of Amazon gift cards which I use to buy stuff online. We use Amazon to stock up on non-perishable stuff, baby stuff etc so these gift cards come in handy.

If you want to try making money with Swagbucks then sign up with this link and get a free $5 sign up bonus plus you’ll help me out too 😉

Small Business:

Progress is being made on my side business. There are tons of grants out there for wannabe entrepreneurs. There is a $30,000 grant that I’m in the process of applying for. This grant requires that the business owner match the funds. There are also requirements for mentoring/coaching over the course of two years. The grant is released in phases as these mentoring goals have been met.

It seems like a great opportunity to get funding for my side business. As things progress I’ll provide updates.


Thats all for this month! How did your month go?


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