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Blogging can be fun and it can be very profitable too. $$$ During the first year this site made $9,373 and that was from an initial investment of only $90. (Disclaimer: This is not your typical result, it took a lot of work to make this blog that profitable, but it is definitely possible for a beginner like me to make $ online) My initial investment was for a basic shared hosting plan. That included a FREE domain name. Most of the money was made through Google Adsense and affiliate sales. It was super easy to setup a blog and most of my time was just spend writing/researching new articles.

Pro Tip: Use BlueHost or HostGator to make a blog. These companies offer great service at a great price. Since starting my first site with BlueHost I’ve also hosted blogs on HostGator and had great experiences with both companies. Check to see which one has the best deal at the moment and use them to start your own blog.

At the beginning I knew nothing about how to make a blog. Nothing. But it’s actually extremely easy to make a blog. Even a simple guy like me was able to get this site up and running in just 30 minutes. 30 minutes! Whether you’re blogging for fun or for profit the process is exactly the same and its extremely easy.

Below you’ll find a step by step guide to help you create your very own blog. Then you can start making money with Adsense and affiliate sales too 🙂


Pro Tip: Start with a shared hosting plan. This is the easiest and least expensive option (as low as $3.95/month or $70 for the first year using this offer from HostGator!). It’s very easy to upgrade to a better plan once your website starts to take off. But while you’re building an audience a shared hosting plan is great.

If you want to blog for profit then make sure to read our post Make Money Blogging. It’s full of tips on how to turn a regular blog into a profitable one.

Make A Blog: A Step By Step Guide

Step 1: Sign up for a hosting plan

As I mentioned earlier my suggestion is to sign up for a shared hosting plan from either BlueHost or HostGator. These plans are inexpensive and can handle quite a bit of website traffic. Once your site starts to really take off then you can easily upgrade to a better hosting plan.

0. Sign Up For Hosting - Make A Blog - i need money ASAP!

Step 2: Get your login details

Once you sign up for a hosting plan you’ll receive an email with your login details. This should come seconds after you sign up. It should look something like this…

1. Email From HostGator - Make A Blog - i need money ASAP!


Step 3: Log in to your account through the ‘c-panel’

Using the login details from the email you can sign into your ‘c-pannel’. No idea what this stands for. I can only assume ‘control panel’? This is where you’ll do the initial setup of your site. After you initially setup the site you won’t need to go into the ‘c-pannel’ often.

2. HostGator c-panel Login - Make A Blog - i need money ASAP!


Step 4: Change your ‘c-panel’ password

This is a bit of a pro-tip. Usually the password you receive from BlueHost or HostGator is an auto generated string of random letters and numbers. This is easily forgotten. Change the password now to something thats easier to remember.

3. Change Password - Make A Blog - i need money ASAP!


Step 5: Go to “One Click Installs”

From the c-panel you want to go to one click installs. Here you’ll have options to install a number of different content management systems. WordPress is the most popular and easy to use. But there are also other options like Joomla or Drupal.

4. Install WordPress - Make A Blog - i need money ASAP!

Step 6: Click on “Install WordPress”

Find the WordPress button and click to install WordPress.

5. Get WordPress - Make A Blog - i need money ASAP!

Step 7: Install WordPress

Use the installer to install WordPress on your site (or you can do it yourself, but why would you bother?). Just click on install WordPress to start the process.

6. Install WordPress - Make A Blog - i need money ASAP!

Step 8: Provide some admin details

WordPress wants to know the name of your new site and a bit of info about who owns it. The admin details you need to provide are pretty basic. Domain name. Admin email. Blog title. Admin user name. First name. Last name. Blog title can be changed after so don’t stress too much about the details.

7. Admin Details - Make A Blog - i need money ASAP!

Step 9: Install complete!

WordPress will take a few minutes to install. Once complete you’ll get a few pieces of info. You’ll get a link where you can log in to your site. Save this link in your favorites for easy access. You’ll also get the Admin Username and a randomly generate password for your site.

8. WordPress Install Complete - Make A Blog - i need money ASAP!

Step 10: Change ‘Name Servers’ (This Is Optional!)

If you bought your domain name from a different company, like GoDaddy, you have one extra step to do. If you’ve purchased your domain name as part of your hosting package then you can skip this step.

If your domain name was purchased from GoDaddy then you’ll need to point the ‘name servers’ at your new site. Its super easy to do. You got the new name server info in the email from BlueHost/HostGator. Just login to GoDaddy, go to manage name servers, then update the name servers to match the new info from BlueHost/HostGator.

9 Update GoDaddy NameServers - Make A Blog - i need money ASAP!

Step 11: Log in to WordPress

You’re done! Wasn’t that easy?!?

Log in to your new website using the link you received. Use the username, password and link that you got from step 9. Once you sign in you’ll see a dashboard. This WordPress dashboard will be where you can make any changes you like. You can also write posts. Change layout. Add widgets. Add plugins. Whatever you want to do to customize your site.

10 Login To WordPress - Make A Blog - i need money ASAP!


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