Meet Turo! It’s Airbnb for Cars


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Turo. It’s Airbnb for cars. It’s an awesome way to rent a car while on vacation. It’s an even better way to make some extra cash. Turo has been around since 2010. It started in Boston and quickly jumped to San Francisco. Now its available nation wide.

Thousands of people are renting their cars to make some extra cash. Don’t miss out. List your car on Turo now. Then keep reading to find out more about how to make extra cash with Turo.

Taking a Vacation Soon?

Sign up for Turo now and check out the cars for rent in your destination. There are some awesome cars available for very reasonable prices. People who sign up for Turo end up saving an average of 35% versus a regular car rental so sign up now. Turn is an awesome way to save money while on vacation. It’s also a great way to get a sweet ass ride while your away… like this Tesla thats available in Boston for just $149 per day! (Plus is has free delivery to Boston International Airport!)

Tesla on Turo - Airbnb for Cars

Need Some Extra Cash?

If you’re interested in making some extra cash then here’s how to list your car on Turo. The process is super simple and you’ll be making money in no time.


First things first, you need to list your car for rent. It’s a really easy five step process.

  1. Tell Turo about your car
  2. Tell them where your located
  3. Let them know when your car is available
  4. Upload some nice photos (pro tip: wash your car first)
  5. Provide a brief description

Thats it!

Listing a car on Turo - Airbnb for Cars

But what about insurance?

Turo has protection plans. There are three tiers to choose from. They all come with at least $1M in liability coverage. The top tier insurance package will even cover your car for minor dents or scratches. The protection plans also cover your car for theft and damage.

Who rents your car?

With Turo you will get to decide who rents your car. Just like Airbnb your able to screen renters to ensure that your car is being rented to the best drivers. Want to know more about the driver or where they plan on going? You can ask them follow-up questions via Turo.

Plus! Just like Airbnb, Turo has a rating system to help you evaluate renters. You can see if they’ve rented a car before and what that car owner said about the renter.

How much will you get paid?

Turo has dynamic pricing to help maximize your car rental cash. Their pricing model takes into account things like seasonality, demand, geography, and your car type.

  • Nice car = $$$$$
  • High demand area = $$$$$
  • Peak season = $$$$$

Or! If you don’t want to bother with their fancy dynamic pricing then you can just set your own price. You’re easily able to do that too.

Either way, car owners get up to 85% of the rental price. Funds are sent to owners via direct deposit days after the rental.

Stop waiting! Sign up for Turo now and start making some extra cash.



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