Part Time Jobs With Benefits


Part Time Jobs With Benefits

A part time job with benefits is rare but they’re not impossible to find. In this post you’ll find 12 companies that offer part time (and full time) jobs with benefits.

There are 28 million Americans working part time jobs. This represents 19 percent of the working population in the US. But being employed in part time work doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy benefits like health care. There are a number of employers that offer health care benefits to part time employees.

If you have a choice then a part time job with one of these companies will offer the peace of mind that comes with having benefits.

The number one reason for personal bankruptcy is medial bills. An unexpected medical bill can cripple a family already on the financial edge. Having health benefits can help avoid this type of situation.

On top of health benefits a part time job with benefits usually comes with some kind of 401k employer matching. This represents an extra 3-9% on top of your take home pay (depending on the company and your years of service).


Even adding one of these employers as a second job would qualify you for health benefits (as long as you reach the minimum hours per week, typically 20hrs).

Part Time Jobs With Health Benefits:

JP Morgan Chase:

At JP Morgan Chase a part time employee is eligible for benefits if they’re regularly schedules for +20hrs per week. Health benefits include medical, dental and vision. New employees are eligible for benefits on the first day of the month following their their first 60 days of work. Bonus: Part time employees are also eligible for 401k starting at 3% of their before tax pay rate. This increases by 1%/year to a maximum of 5%. Get more details on the JP Morgan Case benefit program.

Whole Foods:

Whole Foods offers health benefits to employees who work at least 20+ hours per week and have completed their probationary period. Health benefits medical, dental, vision and life insurance. Whole Foods also offers up to $1,800/yr that can be used to cover co-pays, deductibles etc. These funds get deposited in a Personal Wellness Account (PWA) or a Health Savings Account (HSA). Bonus: Employees participate in ‘gain sharing’ whereby any productivity improvements get partially paid out to employees. In 2014 this amounted to an extra $0.79/hr for every employee. Find out more about Whole Foods and their great benefits package.

Allegis Group/Aerotek/TEKsystems:

A provider of recruitment and staffing services Allegis Group and its subsidies provides benefits to those employees that work a minimum of 20hrs per week. Employees become eligible for benefits in the first month following their initial 60 days with the company.


Costco is well known as being a great place to work. A company that treats its employees well, including part time staff. Costco offers benefits like health, dental and vision. The website provides a ton of details on the benefits they offer. In addition to health benefits they also offer a 401k matching program that starts at 3% after 1yr of service and increases to 9% of pre-tax income after 25yrs of service.

Barnes & Noble:

The Barnes and Nobel benefit package is available to both full time and part time staff at the bookseller. Coverage includes 100% for medical and 100% for dental when doing preventative work. There is also a flexible spending account that can be used to cover any out of pocket health care costs. After 1,000hrs of service Barnes & Noble will also match contributions to a 401k up to 4% of pre-tax income. Find out more about the benefits at Barnes & Noble.


Regular part time employee’s at Lowe’s are eligible to enrol in a number of benefits including medical, dental, vision, 401k and more. Medical rates start as low as $20.45 bi-weekly, vision at $2.23 and dental at $9.88. Lowe’s also has a generous 401k for part time employees. Lowe’s matches 100% of the first 3% of contributions, 50% of the next 2%, and 25% of the next 1%. If you contribute 6% you’ll get a 4.25% match. Get more details on Lowe’s benefits using their part time employees benefits page.


Starbucks calls their employee’s ‘partners’. A partner is eligible for benefits once they work 20+ hours per week. This is measured over a 6 month period so you can work less than 20hrs one week and make it up during a later week. To be eligible for benefits you must first work 240hrs during a 3 month period. Starbucks has medical, dental, vision and 401k benefits. Get all the details on Starbucks benefits program. There’s also a special benefit when you work for Starbucks, you get 1lb of free coffer each week!


Part time employees at UPS are eligible for benefits if they’ve worked the required 225hrs in a three month period (a bit less than the typical 20hrs per week). Benefits include medical and hospital care, dental care, vision and hearing. It wasn’t immediately clear if UPS offers any 401k benefits were available to part time employees. Use the teamsters website to learn more about the benefits at UPS.

Fresh Market:

Fresh market offers the same benefits to both full-time and part-time employees. Benefits include medical, dental and vision plans. They also include 401k with company match. There are eighteen Fresh Market stores in total. To find a store near your or to find out more about their benefits visit the Fresh Market employment page.


REI has a unique benefits program in that they even offer benefits to those that work less than 20hrs per week. Part time employees who reach the 20hr/wk level are eligible for the full flex plan benefits. Those who work less than 20hrs per week are eligible for PaTH benefits that are covered 60% by REI. There is also a 401k program at REI that starts at 5%.


Although Nike does offer benefits to part time employees it seems that these benefits begin only after 12 months of part time employment (+20hrs/wk). Benefits include medical, dental and vision. They also include a 100% match on the first 5% of contributions to a 401k. There is also an employee stock purchase plan. The Nike ESPP lets employees purchase stock at a 15% discount using anywhere from 1-10% of their pay.

Lands End:

Lands End offers benefits to part time employees. These benefits include medical, dental, vision, 401k with company match etc. They also have an on-site medical centre in their Dodgeville headquarters. In addition there is a 80,000 soft activity centre for employees to use.


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