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Doing Odd Jobs For Money - SmallIs it just me or does everyone hate cleaning and constantly fixing stuff around the house?

Now that I have two young girls hiring a cleaning service has crossed my mind from time to time. The house always seems to look like a tornado just touched down. Having some help would be awesome.

I’ve also considered hiring someone to take care of the long list of things I need to do around the house. (We bought an old house from 1950 that seems to always need repairs) Clean the gutters. Weed the garden. Cut the grass. Fix the grout in my backsplash etc etc. I would pay good money to have someone do all this stuff for me.

After doing some research I stumbled across Task Rabbit. Its a service where you can hire people to come take care of odd jobs for money.

I realized that this service would be GREAT for anyone who needs to make a bit of extra cash.

“Taskers” as they’re called do odd jobs for money. Rates seem to be between $20-$60 an hour. Thats pretty good! But you need to know that Task Rabbit keeps 30% of that as a “service fee”. Ouch. But still, after the service fee thats $14-$42 an hour. Not too bad at all.


What Types Of Jobs Are There?

You might be wondering what types of odd jobs you can do. It seems Task Rabbit is setup around a few core areas. These are…

  • Handyman
  • Delivery
  • Moving
  • Cleaning
  • Furniture Assembly (thanks Ikea)
  • Personal Assistant

How Much Can You Get Paid?

Rates may vary by location. But for New York it seems that the rates are pretty lucrative. Rates varied between $30/hr and $65/hr for a handyman. Cleaning services ran about $20/hr to $35/hr. Delivery/Shopping services ranged anywhere from $18/hr to $28/hr.

Tasker - Task Rabbit - Doing Odd Jobs For Money

As I mentioned previously Task Rabbit will keep 30% of your hourly rate as a service fee. So price accordingly. If you want to make $20/hr then you need to be charging about $29/hr.

On top of this there is a 5% “Trust and Safety” fee. What is this for? Apparently Task Rabbit has a $1M insurance policy on every task that gets done through their app. This means that if you mess something up badly the homeowner has some protection to make things right. Its a good idea but thats another 5% off your pay.

How Do I Get Started?

Task Rabbit seems to be pretty serious about doing background checks on their Taskers so keep that in mind if you need money fast. In addition to a background check you’ll also need to do a 2hr orientation on the Task Rabbit app before you’re allowed to start completing tasks.

Sign up for Task Rabbit here.

Become A Tasker - Task Rabbit - Doing Odd Jobs For Money

Doing Odd Jobs For Money…

Task Rabbit seems to be a great way to make money doing odd jobs for people.

If you don’t want to use the Task Rabbit service (or lose 30% to their “service fee”) then consider looking on Craigslist for similar jobs. The only drawback with using Craigslist is that you don’t get the $1M insurance coverage or the ease of using the app/getting paid.

Whatever route you choose doing odd jobs for money seems like its a good way to make some extra cash. There is always someone out there (like me!) who needs an extra set of hands once in a while.

Good luck!


Photo via Task Rabbit

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