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Now is the time to start a blog!

HostGator has a sweeeeet deal that ends July 31st. They’re discounting their shared hosting plans by 35-40%. That means you can start a blog for just $76 per year or less. In my first year I spent about $90 on shared hosting and made over $9,000 in ad revenue so $76 is a pretty sweet deal. On top of this you’ll get $100 advertising credit for each Google Adwords and Yahoo/Bing.

Signing up for a hosting plan is super easy. HostGator even has a 45 day money back guarantee so you don’t need to worry about buyers remorse. If you decide that blogging isn’t for you then you can ask HostGator for your money back!

There are just 8 steps to setup a hosting plan. The screen shots below will help guide you through the process. Click this link to open up the HostGator landing page in a separate tab and then you can follow along with the guide below.

It shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to complete the whole thing so lets get started…



Step 1: Host Gator Landing Page

If you haven’t already go to the HostGator landing page. There are a bunch of options here but you just want to click the “Get Started Now!” button.

1. Host Gator Landing Page


Step 2: Select A Web Hosting Plan

Select a web hosting plan that suits you. The Hatchling Plan is perfect for beginners. Its the least expensive hosting for a single site. Select this plan if you want to pay only $76 for one year of hosting.

If you want to have multiple websites in the future then maybe the Baby Plan is a better choice. You can host unlimited domains on a single hosting plan so you could have multiple websites in the future all making money for you.

2. Select A Web Hosting Plan

Step 3: Choose Your Domain Name

Enter your domain name to see if its available. You can choose any extension you want to. My recommendation is to always go with .com extensions. This is the most common type of website and its the one that most people are familiar with.

3. Choose Your Domain Name

Step 4: Choose A Hosting Plan

Choosing a hosting plan is easy. You just need to decide how long you want to lock in your discount.

Locking in a discount for 36 months is the cheapest option but you need to pay more $$$ up front.

Locking in a discount for 12 months means you pay a bit more per month but you pay less $ up front. Sign up for a 12 month hosting plan to keep your cost under $76 for the year.

4. Choose A Hosting Plan

Step 5: Enter Your Billing Info

This step is pretty self explanatory. Enter your info for billing and website registration.

5. Enter Your Billing Info

Step 6: Add/Remove Additional Services

My recommendation is to remove these additional services. For beginners these services aren’t required but they can be nice to have. You can get by without these services so remove them to decrease your cost.

6. Add Additonal Services

Step 7: Enter The Coupon Code

Enter the coupon code HOTJULY to get 35-40% off the shared hosting plans. This coupon code is valid until July 31st so don’t wait too long!

7. Enter A Coupon Code

Step 8: Review Your Order Details

Review your order details. If you’ve selected the Hatchling Plan for 12 months you should get a price of $75.80 using the coupon code HOTJULY.

8. Review Order Details



Thats it! Now you’re done.

The sooner you start creating your website the sooner you can start earning money online. For help on how you setup a website check out our guide Make A Blog: Turn $90 Into $9,000


Photo by Serge Kij via Flickr

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