Quick Cash in 24hrs, 2-3 Days and 1+ Week


When times are tough and you need some quick cash we’ve got you covered. These quick cash ideas are split into three sections, 24hrs, 2-3 days and 1+ week.

In total we’ve got 40 quick cash ideas on this list and it’s growing every day. Whatever your need we’ve got a way for you to get some quick cash now.

If you need more ideas then check out our list of 29 “I Need Money Now” Ideas or our monster list of 66 Ways To Make Money Online.


Quick Cash In 24hrs

Sell Stuff

Sell things in your house. Sell things in your buddies house (that’s a joke). My wife and I made +$1,000 clearing out junk before our first baby arrived. Of that $500 came in the first day or two.


24hr Personal Loan

Personal loans normally take 2-3 days but some places can get you cash in ~24hrs. Avant offers loans from $1k-$35k with interest rates between 9.95%-36%. Funds are deposited as soon as the next business day.



Cash In Old Gift Cards

Find old gift cards lying around (most people have them). Sell for cash.


Rewards Points

Sell them to someone. Get cash. There are a few ways to sell rewards points.


Return Empties

Take back those empties for deposit. Offer to take the neighbours empties too.


Craigslist Job

Be careful. Getting a job from Craigslist is risky. But the benefit is quick cash.


Odd Jobs

Do odd jobs. Ask friends, family, acquaintances, strangers etc.



Advertise to your Facebook friends. Someone likely has kids they want to get away from. Babysitters make cash.


Payday Loan

You can always get a payday loan for some quick cash. Probably not a great idea. But its an idea. Here’s how to find a cheap payday loan online.


Cash Advance

Get one from your credit card or go online for a cash advance in 24hrs. Its better than a payday loan (but that’s not saying much). Find out more about getting a cash advance.


Title Loan

Its easier to get a title loan because your car is collateral. Pay it back quick otherwise they’ll repo your car. Not fun.



Terrible idea. Maybe even worse than payday loans.


Play Poker

Not as bad as gambling but still not a great idea.


Ask People For Cash

Ask people for money. It happens all the time. Ask friends, family or even strangers.


Sell Your Blood

Donate some blood for quick cash. Make anywhere from $25-$50 per donation.


Quick Cash In 2-3 Days

Buy Stuff To Sell

Bottled water, t-shirts, glow sticks, souvenirs etc etc etc. Buy it then sell it.


Flip Stuff

Buy stuff on Craigslist cheap. Then resell for more money. Quick cash.


Free Stuff

Stalk the free section of Craigslist. Find something good and then sell it for cash.



Mow lawns. Rake leaves. Shovel snow. People hate doing those things.


Dog Sit/Pet Sit

Make money. Play with dog. Win-win.


Personal Loan

Hard to get. Especially with bad credit. Try going online to find a lender.


Line Of Credit

Again, hard to get.


Second (or Third) Mortgage

Only an option for those who own a home.


Sell Your Body

Not like that. Geez. Do medical research and get paid for selling your body.


Crowdsource Cash

You can do anything online, including crowdsourcing some cash.


Quick Cash In 1+ Week

Have Extra Hair?

Donate your hair for cash.


Have Extra Sperm?

This one is just for the guys. Donate your sperm for quick cash.


Have Extra Eggs?

One for the ladies. Donate your eggs. Its not super quick though. Lots of medical exams.


Wash Cars

Wash and wax cars to make some cash.


Clean Houses

No one likes to clean. Do it for them. Clean houses & get some quick cash. Get extra cash for bathrooms/tubs.


Temp Job

Visit a temp agency and get a temp job.


Rent Out A Room

AirBnB your empty rooms.


Room And Board

Live near a college? Offer room and board to exchange students.


Tour Guide

Super fun. Offer guided tours of your city to backpackers. Make it unique 😉


Start A Business

Yup. Start a business for under $100. Start earning cash.


Start A Blog

Not super quick. But the extra cash can be great.


Affiliate Sales

Sell stuff for other people. Try Amazon Affiliates or Commission Junction.



Teach a language. Tutor a student. Start a class online. Start a class in person.



Freelance writing, graphic design, programming, virtual assistant etc etc.



Take scrap metal to the recyclers for quick cash.


Win Stuff

Enter contests (lots) online. Win some stuff. Sell that stuff.


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